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Why is PPR the best choice for residential buildings, commercial complexes, and hotels?


Why is PPR the best choice for residential buildings, commercial complexes, and hotels?

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Nowadays, PPR pipes are more ideal compared to PVC for use in the water management system of a residential buildings, commercial complexes, and hotels because to their durability and ductility, which allows them to last for over 50 years.

PPR pipes are polyolefin thermoplastics, whose molecules are simply constituted
of carbon and hydrogen, without dangerous and poisonous ingredients, and
have consistent hygienic performance, they are hygienic and non-toxic green
building materials.

Green building materials refer to the entire process of raw material synthesis, molding processing, product use, and disposal that has no negative effects on the human body or the environment. As a service provider, the quality of community clean water is important.

PPR pipes fittings are ideal for use in the building’s heating system or for purified
water supply due to their high strength, excellent processing performance, good
creep resistance at higher temperatures, and the unique advantage of random
copolymer polypropylene’s high transparency, making them the best choice for

Furthermore, due to the low weight of PPR pipe, transportation and handling will
not require energy, time, or labor construction intensity of installation. PPR pipes
are thicker than PVC pipes since most PPR pipes have a diameter of 20mm to
110mm, but they are easier to cut, adjust, and connect because the fitting is
conducted entirely through heat and does not require any chemicals, making it
more safer for the community.

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