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ZEN Rooms Accommodates Frontliners During COVID-19 Crisis

ZEN Rooms Accommodates Frontliners During COVID-19 Crisis

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Despite the Luzon-wide lockdown that put tourism at a standstill, the spirit of hospitality is more alive now than ever. Numerous businesses have recognized how overwhelming the pandemic has been for medical frontliners, and have shown their support in the fight against COVID-19. For ZEN Rooms, the leading mid-range hotel franchise in the region, supporting the fight means providing safe and convenient accommodation for medical frontliners and standing with the Filipino people amidst this difficult time.


A salute to frontliners

Soon after the lockdown was announced, ZEN reached out to Philippine General Hospital (PGH), one of the designated COVID-19 referral centers, to offer their hotel in Quiapo as lodging for medical frontliners. The property is located just 10 minutes away from the hospital, and has accommodated doctors and nurses from the PGH Emergency Department free of charge.

“ZEN understands the pressure and stress these medical frontliners feel as they battle against COVID-19. We want to be of service to them by giving them comfortable and safe accommodation where they can rest and recover, or isolate from their families” said ZEN co-founder Nathan Boublil.


This partnership between ZEN and PGH is set to last till the end of April, but may extend depending on the situation in the coming weeks. Since the start of the crisis, ZEN has been in touch with the government, non-profit organizations, and hospitals to help accommodate frontliners and those in need of temporary rooms across Luzon. Currently, ZEN is expanding this initiative to other parts of Metro Manila.


A life-saving partnership

ZEN is also collaborating with the Philippine Red Cross, the premier humanitarian organization in the country. The Red Cross Donation Drive with ZEN and their payment partner, GCash, was launched last April 1. The donation process can be found on ZEN’s website, and all funds collected will go directly into the Red Cross GCash e-wallet. Furthermore, ZEN will be providing free accommodation for the Red Cross volunteers who are working to supply food, distribute personal hygiene items, and give medical assistance to communities across Metro Manila.


“The goal of the campaign is to provide assistance for Red Cross volunteers and frontliners who, despite the dangers of COVID-19, have gone out of their way to help those in need,” said ZEN’s Regional Director for Marketing Amit Shukla. “It is also for those people who have been directly affected by the pandemic and need aid.”


The funds that will be gathered from this donation drive will be allocated for conducting hygiene promotion sessions, providing water and handwashing facilities to hospitals and other areas, providing food and financial support to the less fortunate, and offering psychological aid to those who need it given the current situation.


”We are committed to helping out during this difficult time,” Boublil emphasized.


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