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Women in the workforce drive quick commerce success

Women in the workforce drive quick commerce success

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foodpanda champions a gender-balanced ecosystem as it looks forward to sustained growth


Innovation, convenience, and safety have pushed on-demand delivery or quick commerce as a thriving sector in recent years and an essential one amid the pandemic. As a business that thrives through the contributions and success of each player in its ecosystem, foodpanda Philippines ensures to create a balanced arena that benefits everyone. This includes nurturing a gender-balanced workforce and delivery ecosystem.

At foodpanda Philippines, women account for over 50% of the total employee population, many of which are at the helm of their teams. Female employees thrive as leaders at foodpanda as they make up around 40% of the company’s senior managers and 45% of its team leaders. Around 54% of other managerial level roles are also taken up by women.

Among the different departments of foodpanda, the commercial team has the most women employees. Almost 64% of the team, which handles sales operations, account management, and partner vendor acquisition, is made up of women. The same team is considerably one of the obvious drivers of growth in the company as more customers and businesses sign up on the foodpanda platform.

“foodpanda Philippines will continue to thrive because we are committed to creating and maintaining a balanced system wherein everyone benefits. With an exemplary and hardworking team in the company, many of whom are women who were born leaders, will surely help in serving more customers and communities effectively,” said foodpanda Philippines Managing Director, Daniel Marogy.

foodpanda superstar rider, Maria Gepayo is able to juggle her multiple roles: foodpanda rider, barangay kagawad, BPO worker, online entrepreneur, and mother.

As a provider of on-demand service, foodpanda also credits its success to a community of freelance riders that increasingly welcomes women. While riders are still mostly male, there are currently around 250 female riders nationwide who are delivering food and more to different communities. Apart from being riders, these women juggle other jobs and roles. There are mothers, call center agents, and small business owners. Being a foodpanda rider allows them to have a reliable stream of income while still having time for other opportunities outside the company.

Following the challenging year of community quarantine and mobility restrictions, foodpanda was still able to serve customers, and support its partner businesses. In the past year, foodpanda has expanded its operations to more than 100 cities in the country. The company has also tripled the number of customers served, and more than quadrupled its vendor base.

foodpanda welcomes more women in the workforce who make it possible for the company to better reach its goal of creating a balanced system for everyone. Through its dynamic and balanced team, foodpanda Philippines is more than ready to achieve greater heights in quick commerce.