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Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake now in the Philippines

Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake now in the Philippines

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Are you a yogurt lover? You must be try our new offer the Waterberry Yogurt Cake!

Koomi introduces Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake In Time for First Birthday.

KOOMI originated from Australia and came to the Philippines to let every Filipino experience indulgence without the guilt.

Koomi is bannered by their Natural Drinking Yogurt freshly made daily added with quality and delightfully healthy ingredients.

This November 16, Koomi celebrates its first birthday by introducing its new Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cakel Loyers of yogurt, strawberry, watermelon, and gluten-free almond dacquoise, topped with crunchy pistachio nuts for that mouth-watering, satisfyingly guilt-free taste experience.

Plus, it’s definitely selfie-worthy

Koomi gives their first 100 Koomikadas in each store o taste of this treat for only Pl on

November 16. Afterwhich, this #GuiltlessGoodness can be purchased daily at an introductory price of P220 only.