Thursday, May 30, 2024

Wasabi, Green Tea Ice Cream, and More Summer Delights are Now Ready for Takeaway at Midas Hotel and Casino

Wasabi, Green Tea Ice Cream, and More Summer Delights are Now Ready for Takeaway at Midas Hotel and Casino

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Brighten up the summer days of your family and friends even while they’re at home with the bold and exciting flavors of Yanagi Restaurant’s ice creams.


Filipinos are definitely feeling the heat wave these days. The sun is out and summer has arrived. One way to cool down is to enjoy the ultimate sweet summer treat – ice creams. To give Japanese food fans a sweet surprise, Midas Hotel and Casino launches the Yanagi Frozen Treats.

The signature flavored ice creams from the famous Yanagi Restaurant are now in tubs. With sophisticated flavors such as red bean, green tea, black sesame, and the must-try flavor of them all, the wasabi, these ice creams will surely leave gourmands mesmerized. Each flavor is available in two sizes, 350 ml, and 470 ml. Ice cream lovers may order these sweet treats via pick-up or delivery. To order, call 09175217853 (Globe) or 09985626474 (Smart).

Order all flavors of these sweet and rewarding desserts. Start with Yanagi’s red bean ice cream, one of the most popular Japanese dessert flavors in the country. The red bean flavored ice cream is sweet and creamy and will leave everyone wanting for seconds.

A must try for Matcha lovers in the metro, this green tea ice cream has a perfect balance of bittersweet flavor that will surely delight people who really want to cool down.

Then, try the black sesame ice cream that has a rich and intensely nutty taste from the mixture of the vanilla ice cream base and black sesame paste. Last, but not the least thing to do is to dig into the wasabi flavored ice cream. This uniquely flavored ice cream has a creamy texture with a hint of wasabi minus the heat.

Midas Hotel and Casino also has some treats for coffee fans. For those who prefer a cold brew to beat the sweltering heat, the hotel’s Iced Caramello Latte for only Php200. Non-coffee fans can order the Dark Choco drink also for only Php200. These cold drinks will surely make gourmet drinkers pumped up to work even on hot summer days.

The hotel also offers delicious gourmet dishes for health buffs who want to maintain their fit and fabulous body. Fitness fans can now order more nutritious yet delicious food options like Midas Hotel and Casino’s a la carte salads, pasta, and sandwiches.

Tickle those taste buds with the delightful taste of the hotel’s Herbed Chicken Caesar Salad that’s got grilled herbed chicken with an iceberg and romaine lettuce, tossed in homemade Caesar dressing, topped with whole wheat croutons, parmesan flakes, and bacon. The Tuna Waldorf Salad, on the other hand, is a tangy and sweet fare made irresistible with cool, crunchy apple, tasty tuna flakes, and sour cream tartare sauce. The hotel also offers the Club Sandwich as well as the Marinara Pasta for healthy eaters.

The Midas Hotel and Casino team preparing all food orders follows all the required new normal safety measures, may it be for pick-up or delivery. For daily promo updates, be sure to visit Midas Hotel and Casino’s Facebook Page.