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UnionDigital Bank Opens its Future Headquarters During the Country’s First Innovation Festival in San Pedro, Laguna

UnionDigital Bank Opens its Future Headquarters During the Country’s First Innovation Festival in San Pedro, Laguna

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Last September 9, 2022, UnionDigital Bank formally inaugurated its future headquarters in the UnionBank Innovation Campus in San Pedro, Laguna with the President of the Philippines, Mr. Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., in attendance.

In addition to serving as the future main office of UnionDigital Bank, the Innovation Campus will also house various centers of innovation including UnionBank institutes on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Asian Institute of Digital Transformation (AIDT).

The campus was inaugurated during the country’s first Innovation Festival, a three-day event that showcased UnionBank’s and UnionDigital Bank’s partners in financial technology innovation, offering a behind the scenes look at some of the bank’s exciting new developments in the space.

“We cannot allow the Philippines to get left behind,” said President Marcos in his speech at the event. “We would be neglectful of our duties if we do not recognize the trend that is happening around the world. And not only adjust to it, but position ourselves to take full advantage of it.”

The President went on to describe the Campus as “precisely the kind of innovation, forward-thinking, operations, and actions that the country needs.”

“Let us renew our commitment to improve our present state and make lives better and more comfortable for everyone with the help of technology that we know is now available to us,” President Marcos said in closing.

The President’s statements give credence to the mission of UnionDigital Bank, which is to be the bridge between innovation and regulation for the purpose of bringing financial inclusion to Filipinos.

“UnionDigital Bank prides itself on being tech-forward. The opening of our future headquarters in the Innovation Campus further propels our advocacy in achieving a fully Tech’d Up Philippines,” said Arvie de Vera, Co-founder & CEO of UnionDigital Bank. “With the first-in-the-industry smart campus, innovation becomes front and center in all of the things we do, strengthening our vision of a connected, financially inclusive, and tech-enabled Philippines.”

To further illustrate UnionDigital Bank’s vision of a Tech’d Up Philippines, the digital bank showcased its partners who will help fuel this future: Nexplay, Yield Guild Games (YGG), Euronet, Visa, and PeraHub. It also introduced an exciting metaverse project called New Manila 2050, which seeks to create a vibrant Web3 community for Filipinos to safely discover, learn, and collaborate in the space.

“It is nice to see everyone coming together in the festival, driving digital-first innovations,” de Vera added. “We are grateful for our partners’ help in advancing the country’s journey towards digitalization. Each of them shares our vision of making inclusive digital banking a reality to all Filipinos.”

The UnionDigital Bank app is now live for a limited set of customers. For now, the app is currently available by invitation only. Future updates on the launch will be available through the digital bank’s social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.