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UnionBank honors 5 Supply Chain Community Anchors, 25 future-ready MSMEs in first-ever SME Banking Financial Supply Chain Awards

UnionBank honors 5 Supply Chain Community Anchors, 25 future-ready MSMEs in first-ever SME Banking Financial Supply Chain Awards

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Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) recently held the first-ever SME Banking Financial Supply Chain (FSC) Awards to honor 5 existing Supply Chain Community Anchors and 25 future-ready MSMEs who are all part of the Bank’s FSC platform. The awarding ceremony was held via Zoom.

The SME Banking Financial Supply Chain (FSC) Awards aims to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of UnionBank’s existing FSC Anchors and their micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) dealers. Aside from industry recognition, the awardees will enjoy various perks, which are all part of the Bank’s efforts to support Filipino entrepreneurs.

These perks include being featured in UnionBank communication channels; free access to Day 8, on-demand webinars on Entrepreneurship; 1-on-1 business consultation with UnionBank Director Josiah Go; get company tagged in the LinkedIn UB account; and Company name being mentioned in post event publications.

“UnionBank is very passionate to be at the forefront of assisting our SMEs, particularly in getting fast and easy access to credit. We will continue to innovate our products and platforms so that we can continue to adapt to your changing and evolving needs particularly in this challenging and uncertain times,” said UnionBank EVP and Head of Commercial Banking Robert F. Abastillas during his welcoming remarks.

The event kicked off the ceremonies with the “Supply Chain Community Anchors Award (MSME Onboarding)” category, which recognized the top 3 Supply Chain Anchors with the highest number of onboarded MSME buyers in the FSC platform. The winners were SEOIL, Philippines Inc., Vitarich Corporation, and Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation (top 1, 2, and 3, respectively).

“We are deeply honored that SEAOIL Philippines is awarded as one of your Top Supply Chain Community Anchors for MSME dealers for 2021,” said SEAOIL Retail Business President and CFO Mark Yu. “At SEAOIL, looking after our customers’ needs goes beyond just providing them with quality products. We also want to help fuel a better future for them. And with the economy finally opening up after two years of recurrent lockdowns, we look forward to our continued partnership with UnionBank as we help more MSMEs grow their businesses and thrive in the new normal.”

For the “Supply Chain Community Anchors Award, MSME Penetration Rate” category, which recognized the top 3 Supply Chain Anchors with the highest conversion rate of Buyers from their referred MSME community. The winners were Vitarich Corporation, Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation, and Number 1 Supplier Inc (top 1, 2, and 3, respectively).

“[I] thank everyone at UnionBank for this incredible work that you do. You create opportunity by helping our customers to grow and expand their business. This is aligned with the Company’s goal of building lasting relationships with our customers and business partners through our lifetime profitable partnership,” said Vitarich Comptroller Marian Dionisio. “On behalf of Vitarich Corp, I thank you for this recognition and for your continuous effort in providing help and support to our customers.”

For the “Supply Chain Community Anchor Award, MSME Volume” award, given to the Supply Chain Anchor with the highest volume of MSME buyers as of Dec 31, 2021, the winner was New Hope Bulacan Agriculture, Inc.

Last but not least is the “The Future-ready MSME Award,” which honored the top 25 MSME customers who have used the FSC platform and consistently availed of the Dealers Business Line for the year 2021. They were led (top 1-5, in chronological order) by VJS Agri Farm and Poultry Supply, Boundary Hardware Supply, San Gabriel Feeds Supply, ACJP Agri Trading, and Treark Grocery Trading.

These were followed by (top 6-15, in chronological order) Nanette Mini Mart, 5MLink Enterprise, Mondray Bread Trading, Triple E and JM Gines Groceries, St. Gabrielle Seaoil Service Station, Bohmart Poultry Supply, Asian Dragon Petroleum Philippines Inc, Buscar Enterprises, Cabauatan Agri Supply, and Gianniel Consumer Goods Trading.

Ryan Sari-Sari Store, Jeanne Martini Enterprise, AC Consumer Goods Trading, Ramos Poultry Supply, Cris Lamano Fish Cage, JCK Fish Dealer, Rapisafe Philippines Inc, SMJ Trading, SJ37 Enterprises, and Eriq Farm Supply completed the list (top 16-25, in chronological order).

“Sitting here and listening to everyone and seeing the happy faces especially coming from our customers and from our team in UnionBank…it’s very inspiring that what we all worked hard for is coming into fruition,” said UnionBank SME Business Head Jujut Enriquez during his closing remarks.

“We have this platform that makes it easy for our Anchors and their buyers to gain access to capital, and that’s what we are seeing here this afternoon. Many in the essential goods sector had access to capital so they can purchase more inventory and grow their business. So, thank you everyone for gracing this afternoon,” Enriquez concluded.