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The Joy of Food: 91 Years Anchored on Tradition, Flavor, and Celebration

The Joy of Food: 91 Years Anchored on Tradition, Flavor, and Celebration

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Sharing food has always been an important part of human history. Beyond basic survival, food allows you to make friends, forge connections, and symbolizes shared blessings.

Among all the meals that you’ve probably had and shared, none is more tied to tradition and memories than ham. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it. Family celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries, often serve it as the festive meal centerpiece. Ham is a symbol of joy, anticipation, and festivities–and for 91 years, one brand stood the test of time and celebrated every joyous occasion along with us: King Sue Ham.

Celebrating 91 Years of Flavor and Tradition

Whether you need to pack a sandwich for lunch or serve a breathtaking main dish for a special occasion, the distinctive flavors that King Sue Ham is known for have long been the go-to for discerning palates.

King Sue Ham’s goal was simple and its tagline says it all–”Taste Fit For A King.” Through the years, its signature products have remained staples across households because the brand maintained the exceptional quality and flavor that they were first known for.

The brand’s impressive history starts with King Sue Ham’s  founder, Mr. Cu Un Kay, who traveled from Fujian province in China to the Philippines, and painstakingly perfected the handcrafted process of the Chinese Ham Bone-in that you know and love today.


For nearly a century, King Sue Ham has been welcomed into homes and been part of celebrations because they stayed true to their heritage of quality and flavor. King Sue Ham has been a huge part of your family and your family history and they are honored to have the opportunity to build more memories in the years to come.

Innovation As A Recipe For Success

 As King Sue Ham continues to establish itself as a staple in modern households, the company consistently innovates to introduce new products to its line.

King Sue Ham  has sought to offer options that are delicious and flavorful, that’ll surely create such interesting compliments to home-cooked meals and restaurant offerings as it seeks to innovate and expand its portfolio. And like its original, signature product, its entire line is developed one product at a time, following the meticulous methods of its founder to ensure flavor, quality, and consistency.

The company combines traditional processes with the latest technology to create products that stay true to King Sue Ham’s long-standing reputation for quality. From King Sue’s signature ham to its growing range of meat products, it innovates and explores ways to increase production and ensure that all products stay fresh longer, without sacrificing taste.

It’s no surprise why in addition to its Sweet Ham and Hawaiian Ham, its gourmet sausages, Chorizo Bilbao, Pork and Chicken Tocino, and Corned Beef are all must-haves in every Filipino household today, whether it’s for major celebrations, holidays, or everyday pantry essentials. Whatever the occasion, King Sue Ham has something that we know Tastes Fit For A King.

Make it a Christmas to remember with King Sue hams and sausages. Just order directly via SMS or Viber: 09437082018 or 09175949143, and experience the Taste Fit for a King!

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