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Spacious, comfy rooms and sumptuous cuisines await essential bookers at this boutique hotel in the metro

Spacious, comfy rooms and sumptuous cuisines await essential bookers at this boutique hotel in the metro

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Essential bookers who look for a quality hotel near the airport are up for rooms with ample space and dishes bursting with flavors at Midas Hotel and Casino. This Pasay hotel implements intensive sanitation measures to assure guests a comfortable stay. The hotel disinfects frequently touched areas such as the light switch, door handles, and remote controls. To give guests a worry-free stay, sanitizers are also placed in strategic areas in the hotel. Reminders are also posted inside and outside the guest’s rooms for safety.

Guests staying may book their stay via this website or call the reservations team at +63 7902-0100 or email at info@midashotelandcasino.com for more details. They can book for a room only, with a bed and breakfast option, or a full board lodging that’s complete with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Room rates start at only Php4,200.

When it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, guests are in for a truly gastronomic treat. The hotel ensures all ingredients it uses daily are fresh. This allows all the food prepared to be tasty and delightful to the bite. All dishes made or cooked within the hotel premises are safe with comprehensive kitchen safety and sanitation in place.

“We place a premium on health and safety but we also keep in mind that guests are in for a comfortable and delightful stay. Having sanitized yet cozy rooms are crucial, so as dishes that nourish yet taste first-class. These all contribute to a relaxing and worry-free stay that’s beneficial to one’s well-being,” Midas Hotel and Casino General Manager Ms. Lily Santos-Adrid said.

For customers who prefer to enjoy their Midas Favorites at home, the hotel offers its Celebration Bundles, Feast Out, and Solo Meal promos plus more. Visit its Facebook Page for more information or call 09175217853 (Globe) or 09985626474 (Smart) to order. Customers may also contact Ms. Je-Ann Dela Cruz at 09175654712 or jessica.delacruz@midashotelandcasino.com for more info.