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Shore up your COVID-19 defenses with Decomat, available exclusively via HealthSolutions

Shore up your COVID-19 defenses with Decomat, available exclusively via HealthSolutions

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All things and particles naturally move downwards, towards the ground we stand on, because of gravity. Any virus and/or air droplets are not exceptions to this rule in physics.

Floors are generally dirty; they can be avenues for dust, soil, human skin, bacteria, and viral particles. When a person talks or coughs, air droplets are excreted. These air droplets might carry bacteria or viral particles. Initially, these droplets float in the air; eventually, they can either stick on the items people touch (pens, paper, phones, car keys, etc.) or settle on the floors.

These surfaces are among the most common contact points for objects that frequently move from one place to another, such as footwear and wheeled equipment. Any bacterial or viral particle may lodge and be carried by these items. The soles of the shoes and slippers you wear are very dirty – they might be carrying pathogens for infectious diseases.

In line with this, it is essential that proper hand hygiene and regular cleaning have to be done at work and at home. These procedures help prevent the spread of viruses by eliminating microorganisms and contaminants on objects that may potentially harbor them.

There are certain facilities that require more stringent, more frequent round-the-clock disinfection scheduling and maintenance. In the hospital setting, these include surgical operating rooms, intensive care units, isolation wards and laboratories. In the industrial setting, these include power plants, food manufacturing and processing stations. The workforce that enters in these areas has to be clean and microbe-free. Besides wearing personal protective equipment, placement of sanitizing floor mats in the workplace can also help enhance infection control.

When placed in key strategic areas in the venue, particularly in entrances and along hallways, these sanitizing floor mats can aid in minimizing the spread of microbes within that area. The dirt and bacteria in an employee’s footwear can be removed after stepping on the mats.

One of the most trusted brands of decontaminating floor mats in the market today is Decomat. A product of Italy-based medical supplies developer Vigeo S.R.L., Decomat is a multi-layer disposable decontaminating mat designed for use in all environments that demand optimum hygiene and zero presence of contaminating agents.

Decomat helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases through its powerful antibacterial glue, which traps dust particles, dirt and bacteria; hence, preventing the spread of microorganisms. Each mat is made up of 30 adhesive and numbered polyethylene sheets and has a thickness of not more than 2 millimeters. A full-length adhesive sheet on the bottom ensures complete and reliable adherence to surfaces, while a non-adhesive strip along one side of the mat allows for easy removal of each used layer. Decomat comes in a handy 5-mat dispenser folder that allows easy withdrawal of each mat while keeping the remaining mats properly stored, and the lightweight yet durable folder allows convenient handling and storage. The floor mat was constructed and engineered in a method that provides reliable and convenient disinfection in the workplace.

Mats are initially available in three color options (white, blue, and green) and three sizes: DK 450 (45 x 120 cm), DK 600 (60 x 120 cm), and DK 900 (90 x 120 cm), but customers can also opt for other colors and sizes upon request.

With its useful disinfecting capabilities, Decomat is a solid investment for those who want to lessen the chances of not only COVID-19 contamination, but also other infectious diseases, in their workplaces. Cleaning the soles of footwear is made reliable and effective through Decomat.

In the Philippines, Decomat is available exclusively via HealthSolutions, the country’s leading marketer and distributor of high-quality healthcare supplies and equipment. To learn more about this product and other healthcare solutions under the HealthSolutions product portfolio, visit the company’s official website at or get in touch with them through their official LinkedIn page at