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Sentro supercharging Facebook Business Shops in the Philippines

Sentro supercharging Facebook Business Shops in the Philippines

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The question for businesses today is go online or go out-of-business. Adapting to the new normal where the behavior of consumers have changed drastically still is a struggle for most businesses. But despite enduring many e-commerce upheavals, Filipino SMEs still manage to run their business amidst the pandemic with the help of digital solutions and platforms they can find online.


Facebook introduced Facebook Shops with the goal of making it easier for businesses to set up an online store that is accessible on both Facebook and Instagram. On their Facebook Shops, customers can already browse, save and order the products. It’s very convenient and easy to use.  On March 12, 2021, these shops can now be easily linked and connected to Sentro, UBX’s free online shop platform with pre-integrated payment and logistics capabilities.


“We had an unstructured ordering process where we capture them through various social media and chat channels, and it was getting too tiring to capture, track and update.” said Mr. Michael Lu, owner of Agrico, who has been both a Sentro and a Facebook Shop user. “Sentro helped organize our orders. Now, accepting payments and booking deliveries is a breeze!” said Mr. Michael after supercharging his Facebook Shop with Sentro.


Since it launched last April 2019, Sentro has been providing end-to-end e-commerce experience to over 30,000 Filipino SMEs. Its built-in payment gateway that enables merchants to accept payments via over-the-counter, online banking, E-wallets, and debit and credit cards, as well as its integrated delivery services powered by Mr. Speedy, Sentro has been exceptionally successful in aiding businesses in the midst of this pandemic.


With Sentro’s payment and logistics capabilities, business owners can now connect their Facebook Shops and instantaneously gain access to all ofSentro’s features, transforming their shop from merely a marketing channel to a full-blown e-commerce store.  Linking Sentro to a Facebook Shop can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, and business owners can immediately accept payments, manage orders, and book deliveries within their supercharged Facebook Shop.


Merchants, who are transitioning into the digital space, don’t have to get intimidated by Sentro’s technology. In fact, building your own Sentro online shop requires zero to no tech experience. All ofSentro’s services are 100% free and are available for all Filipino SMEs who are looking for supercharged solutions for their payments and logistics problems.


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