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Samgyeop-On-The-Go: Your Newest Go-To Unlimeated Korean BBQ and Shabu Shabu in Pampanga!

Samgyeop-On-The-Go: Your Newest Go-To Unlimeated Korean BBQ and Shabu Shabu in Pampanga!

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In a time when we hear a lot of stories about losses and failures due to the coronavirus, it’s always so inspiring to know that there are ideas, passion projects, and businesses that were born and are thriving in the midst of this pandemic. 

The ‘new normal’ way of living has taught businesses to adapt via going digital, offering essential goods and services, and giving people delivery options for their safety. 

Ken Gozun and his sister, Katherine, did all that. After losing his job in Manila, Ken went back to his hometown, Sto. Tomas, Pampanga. He couldn’t just sit and wait for the lockdown to end because they have financial needs that have to be met. Circumstances led him to build a business out of their family’s love for Korean barbecue and shabu-shabu and the rising demand for food delivery services especially since all restaurants were mandated to close at that time. 

After careful planning, strategizing, curation of their menu, and costing, they launched the first-ever samgyeopsal delivery service in Pampanga – Samgyeop To Go (later on changed to Samgyeop On-The-Go) – on April 9, 2020. They were originally only catering to Sto. Tomas but with the help of their mutual friends and families, word of mouth (which is social media in the digital age), and continuous product improvement, Samgyeop To-Go also became well known in nearby towns. 

Korean barbecue is undeniably a crowd favorite, not just because of its taste and all the mouth-watering side dishes and sauces, but also because you get to see it cook right in front of you. Eating Korean barbecue is not just something you do but something you experience. One that is best shared with your loved ones. The same goes with shabu shabu. 

On October 8, 2020, Ken and his friends – Joseph Lou Carpio and Germaine Raina Caraig, opened the doors of Samgyeop On-The-Go Unlimeated Korean BBQ and Shabu Shabu in Sto. Tomas, Pampanga. They received the same overwhelming reception for their physical store as they did online. Their evident success called for another dine-in branch so the 3 of them and their new partner – Anne Tuazon, are opening one in Mexico, Pampanga on September 18, 2021! 

Aside from K-bbq and shabu shabu, you may also indulge in Korean street foods in their al fresco dining area that is set and designed as if you are in the streets of South Korea! 

Whether you are an already loyal customer or someone looking for a new K-BBQ and shabu shabu place, come and visit their newest branch located in 556 Lagundi Highway, Mexico, Pampanga!

They are open for franchising and co-franchising! Interested? Send them a message! 

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Mexico Branch: 556 Lagundi Highway, Mexico, Pampanga Sto. Tomas Branch: Unit D, Eastwalk Commercial Center, Sto Tomas, Pampanga