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PLDT Enterprise, Smart provide robust connectivity solutions to Domino’s Pizza

PLDT Enterprise, Smart provide robust connectivity solutions to Domino’s Pizza

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DPP Retail Inc. and DPP Express Inc.—the companies behind the famous pizza chain Domino’s Pizza—have formed a partnership with PLDT Enterprise to boost its delivery of customer services by enhancing its network capabilities and equipping its restaurants with reliable connectivity nationwide.

PLDT Enterprise will extend different connectivity plans to the company’s headquarters and stores across the country, while they switched all their mobile lines to Smart through the newly launched packages of Smart Enterprise Postpaid utilizing 5G, Voice over LTE and Voice over WIFI network capabilities of Smart.

According to Rea Cruz, General Manager of Domino’s Pizza, the needs of their customers had drastically changed due to the pandemic, with the prevalence of mobile deliveries amid stay-at-home protocols. Thus, they needed to adopt suitable digital solutions to support their business operations.

“For restaurant businesses, the pandemic had forced us to think of ways to keep the business agile and adjust to the changing demands of our customers. With the onset of the lockdown, we experienced growth on online deliveries hence a strong and reliable internet connection is essential for us to operate efficiently,” said Cruz.

“A few minutes of downtime means losses for the business. We had experienced this before but now, we are confident with the capabilities of PLDT Enterprise in enabling our restaurants to stay connected to keep our customers always satisfied,” Cruz furthered.

Domino’s Pizza is part of the Three Bears Group (TBG), which is a private equity-backed holding company of food retail concepts in the Philippines. It aims to grow multiple businesses and brands within the F&B sector.

PLDT Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head Ding Ventura-Villarino shared that as the pandemic imposed massive growth on digital transactions, companies need to establish a digital environment supported by reliable connectivity.  

The executive also added that PLDT Enterprise is continuously developing technologies to assist enterprises with their digital transformation needs and address the challenges in the evolving business environment.

“As businesses seek for ways to navigate this crisis, PLDT Enterprise will be their reliable partner to lay their network capabilities that serve as the foundation of an efficient digitally-enabled enterprise,” said Villarino.

Likewise, PLDT Enterprise Corporate Relationship Management Head Mari Javier noted that they are committed to supporting the technological needs of businesses that require appropriate and robust infrastructure to power their online operations.

“Internet connection is now indeed a necessity especially if your gains rely heavily on online transactions. PLDT Enterprise is dedicated to supporting companies like DPP Retail and DPP Express in their bid towards powering their business to succeed amid these trying times,” Javier highlighted. 

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