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PLDT Enterprise boosts tourism in Camarines Norte thru digital services

PLDT Enterprise boosts tourism in Camarines Norte thru digital services

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PLDT Enterprise has partnered with the Provincial Government of Camarines Norte to support its bid to bolster its tourism industry and promote the Daet Centennial Wharf as the next leisure capital in the region.

PLDT Enterprise Vice President for Small and MicroBiz Chito Franco said that through their wide range of digital solutions, the municipal government will be able to ramp up its initiatives to attract businesses and travelers and promote its tourist destinations.

“We are bringing our world-class services and solutions to several provinces in the Philippines to support the local governments in their vision of sustaining and helping the local economy. PLDT Enterprise supports the provincial government of Camarines Norte in the materialization of its tourism thrust and we hope that our technologies will help establish better online presence and attract more local and foreign tourists to visit the tourist areas,” said Franco.

PLDT Enterprise has turned over 200 Mbps of enterprise broadband to the municipality’s Centennial Wharf and has also inaugurated a new fiber facility to support the delivery of high-speed internet.

Camarines Norte Provincial Tourism Officer Mariano Palma said they are grateful to PLDT Enterprise for extending their digital solutions to help attract businesses, particularly to the local government units surrounding the Daet Centennial Wharf.

“The provincial government of Camarines Norte endeavors to promote our tourist spots, especially to businesses who would like to expand their operations within nearby LGUs. We thank PLDT Enterprise for their support in making this possible through technologies that would provide us reliable connectivity for our tourism industry,” said Palma. [suggested quote]

“A good digital foundation is essential for municipalities looking to strengthen and empower their industries, especially for tourism. We strive to assist our partners by enabling them to unlock more opportunities to sustain the livelihood of their constituents,” said PLDT Enterprise Head for SMBiz Regional Luzon Euan Rex Toralballa.

PLDT Enterprise has been assisting municipal and local government units all over the Philippines in its equipping industries and bridging the gap for their constituents in far-flung areas. For more information, visit