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Pizza Hut introduces Beer Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut introduces Beer Pan Pizza

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Whether it’s a night out with friends, a class reunion, or just some well-deserved bonding time with your family, every social gathering for us Filipinos almost inevitably comes with a bottle or two of beer. But enjoying a pint might be hard when you need to get some work done, especially now that many of us are working or studying at home. But what if we told you that you can enjoy beer without the alcohol or a hangover? Sounds impossible, right?


Well, not anymore! Pizza Hut is uniting pizza and beer lovers with its latest innovation, the Beer Pan Pizza!


This one-of-a-kind take on the pizza and beer paring will be available starting July 14 for dine-in delivery, and take-out and it truly is an experience to be had!


When you open a box of Beer Pan Pizza, you will be welcomed by the familiar aroma of beer. From there, your eyes will be drawn to a perfectly baked pizza made with sweet BeerBBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and chicken chunks on Pizza Hut’s signature pan pizza. And if that wasn’t enough, the Beer Pan Pizza completes the entire inuman session as the pizza is topped with the ultimate pulutan, crispy chicken skin! It also comes with beer sprinkles to amp up that beer taste.


“This is pizza and beer like you’ve never tasted before,” Pizza Hut Marketing Manager, Lorent Adrias said. “This is practically a party in pizza form, where you have the beer and the pulutan in one neat package! It’s perfect to be enjoyed alone or with friends and family!”


The Beer Pan Pizza can be purchased for ₱339 for a Regular Pan Pizza or ₱519 for a Large Pan Pizza. You can also have an alcohol-free e-numan session by having the pizza delivered to you and your friends! All you have to do is call the Pizza Hut Hotline by dialing 8911-11-11 for Metro Manila or #11111 for provincial orders. You may also have the Beer Pan Pizza delivered by coursing your order through the Pizza Hut website at


Worry-free take-out options are also available such as, Walk-in Take Away; Click and Collect for orders made through the website and to be claimed in-store; and Car Pick-up where customers can order in advance using the hotline and then claim it curbside from their nearest Pizza Hut branch.


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