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PFIP Pride Summit to Encourage Companies to Champion DEI Policies

PFIP Pride Summit to Encourage Companies to Champion DEI Policies

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The Philippine Financial Industry Pride (PFIP) is set to launch the PFIP Pride Summit 2024, the biggest and only LGBTQIA+ conference focused on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, on July 30-31, 2024.

The PFIP Pride Summit  gathers advocates, professionals, and allies for panel discussions and breakout sessions on inclusive leadership, LGBTQIA+ workplace policies, and mental health. Through the exchange of insights, tools, and knowledge, the event aims to encourage businesses to implement robust DEI approaches to foster safe and productive workplaces for LGBTQIA+ employees.

Issa Litton, Host of the PFIP Limitless Media Launch, kicks off the event by introducing the PFIP Board, distinguished speakers, media guests, and community groups.

Bearing the theme “LIMITLESS,” this year’s summit focuses on introducing best practices, new innovations, and game-changing business strategies that support LGBTQIA+ excellence.

(L-R) Issa Litton, PFIP Chair Weena Ekid, PFIP Corporate Secretary Ronil Villacorta, Dexcom Philippines Senior Director for International Business Operations and Country Head Paolo La’O, CASTRO PR Managing Directress Janlee Dungca, and PFIP Board Advisor Christopher Eugenio.

The theme encapsulates PFIP’s drive to take their DEI advocacy to the next level—a mission that they have been carrying out for several years now. By refining their best practices and introducing more companies to robust DEI practices, the PFIP, through the PFIP Pride Summit, aims to create empowering workplaces where LGBTQIA+ employees feel limitless in reaching their full potential.

The PFIP and its thrust for DEI

The Pride Summit is a cornerstone of the PFIP, composed of representatives from LGBTQIA+ employee resource groups, human resources (HR) departments, and diversity teams of several private firms across the Philippines. The non-profit community aims to serve as an advisory body, create career opportunities for self-identifying LGBTQIA+ leaders, promote inclusive practices and policies, and connect businesses to create positive impact.

PFIP Corporate Secretary Ronil Villacorta introduces PFIP, outlining its mission and vision, and explains how companies can become PFIP members.

The PFIP has long emphasized the critical role of DEI in enhancing workplace culture, improving employee morale, and driving business success. Companies with effective DEI practices have produced creative and innovative professionals who offer diverse perspectives for better problem solving. A strong DEI culture also attracts top talent—LGBTQIA+ or otherwise—and helps retain employees.

As such, the PFIP has been offering training programs that include DEI awareness, inclusive leadership workshops, and inclusive policy development and implementation. The organization takes pride in developing and executing tailor-fit strategies for a variety of clients.

Left: CASTRO PR Managing Directress Janlee Dungca shares the best company values and practices implemented at CASTRO PR as part of their involvement with PFIP.

Right: Dexcom Philippines Senior Director for International Business Operations and Country Head, Paolo La’O, discusses how PFIP has contributed to fostering LGBTQIA+ communities and enhancing corporate social responsibility efforts for LGBTQIA+ within their company.

Such efforts have now produced encouraging results. According to the 2024 PFIP LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Report, 85% of companies now have LGBTQ+ inclusion or anti-discrimination policies in place, while 86% have established grievance procedures for LGBTQ+ employees. Furthermore, 78% offer medical benefits to both married different-sex couples and same-sex domestic partners, and 73% have active LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups. Public support for LGBTQ+ inclusion has grown, with 79% of companies expressing this commitment, reflecting a significant cultural shift towards acceptance and advocacy. DEI training is also on the rise, with 80% of companies providing comprehensive programs.

Ultimately, the PFIP goes beyond the simple notion that a company with many LGBTQIA+ employees is automatically inclusive; rather, it is a workplace that has strong DEI policies, on top of a culture that celebrates LGBTQIA+ excellence, that is poised for success driven by support and inclusivity.

What to expect at the PFIP Pride Summit 2024

The Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) is encouraging businesses to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by creating workplaces where LGBTQIA+ employees can thrive. Through training, consulting, and policy advocacy, PFIP helps companies build a culture of respect that boosts morale, creativity, and talent attraction.

PFIP Board Advisor Christopher Eugenio outlines the key events and highlights of the upcoming PFIP Pride Summit 2024.

The PFIP Pride Summit will offer networking opportunities for attendees to connect with industry leaders and peers. They can also participate in insightful breakout sessions on DEI, featuring case studies from leading companies.

An esteemed lineup of keynote speakers from various industries will also provide valuable advice and inspiration, drawing from the latest trends and strategies in DEI, as well as anecdotes from their illustrious professional experiences.

By the end of the summit, the PFIP hopes to empower more companies to create transformative workplace cultures through best DEI practices, allowing their employees to feel limitless in realizing their potential and reaching their business goals through DEI-driven growth and innovation.

Join the PFIP Pride 2024 Summit!

To learn how PFIP can support your DEI initiatives, join the Pride Summit 2024, where attendees can network with industry leaders and attend insightful breakout sessions. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your workplace culture and help your business reach its full potential.

PFIP Chair Weena Ekid concludes the media launch by sharing the origins and evolution of the PFIP Pride Summit over the past 10 years.

Join us at Limitless: Inclusion Beyond Horizons – The 2024 PFIP Pride Summit and elevate your organization’s LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy.


This premier event, taking place on July 30-31 at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-la The Fort, offers a unique platform for business leaders and innovators who are also workplace inclusion champions and advocates.


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