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Nayong Pilipino pushes for emerging and stronger conversation with the arts industry

Nayong Pilipino pushes for emerging and stronger conversation with the arts industry

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The Nayong Pilipino Foundation (NPF) hosted a virtual forum with the arts sector on Friday, April 29, 2022 titled “Umpukan sa Nayon: Pugad Sining”  to start a conversation about how the creative industry evolved and adjusted during these extraordinary times as well as the role of NPF in helping the sector to further flourish.

Streamed live via the digital platforms of the NPF and the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines (SIKAP), the forum had an important topic which is to turn the NPF Creative Hub into a nest that nurtures creatives, where artists can learn, grow, and showcase their works.

NPF Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Operations, Dr. Jovertlee C. Pudan said that the project was designed as a series of multi-sectoral consultations for the development of programs for the future NPF Cultural Park and Creative Hub.

“The Nayong Pilipino Foundation has a 9.5-hectare property in Entertainment City in Parañaque. About 70% will be an urban forest while 30% of the area will contain built structures. To further aid in the development of this site, we created the concept of “Umpukan sa Nayon” —online consultation sessions involving various stakeholders belonging to different sectors. Each iteration of Umpukan creates opportunities for networking, partnership, and calling citizens to action,” he said.

During the forum, the participants discussed what the future of arts would look like in the new normal, and how the sector and NPF can work together to progress effectively in the post-pandemic world, reiterating that the physical space that NPF will provide will be a great venue where artists can get together to generate new ideas.

Music Producer Cyril Sorongon emphasized that it is very timely to provide a platform where artists can share their outputs for people to see. While Aria Chelabian, the General Manager and Co-Founder of Kawangis Publishing said the NPF Creative Hub will be an avenue to highlight the culture of each region in the Philippines among the younger generation.

Maria Sinadjan, author and singer-songwriter pointed out that many artists struggle in finding a platform where they can promote their work, and NPF providing a physical venue is a big help.

Through the Umpukan sa Nayon Project, the NPF was able to foster multi-sectoral partnerships and expand its network. The conversations in iterations of Umpukan sa Nayon complement the knowledge development activities of the Research Institute and provide input for the Cultural Leadership Institute.

“I am confident that this forum will generate the ideas and discussion that will contribute to driving the creative industry forward,” said Dr. Pudan.

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