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Diabetes is a complex, chronic disease that occurs when blood glucose or blood sugar is higher than normal, which can affect individuals due to family history, environmental factors, inactivity, weight, etc.

It was in last April 2021 that my husband, Jordan, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We had to understand how his glucose is normally processed in the body by consulting with a physician, who, after conducting some tests, found out that his blood sugar was too high; hence, the type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

He was prescribed with a medicine, which needs to be taken once a day, to help control his diabetes. Moreover, I had to purchase a glucometer to monitor his blood sugar level daily. Long-term complications of diabetes develop gradually, according to Mayo Clinc.

The longer you have diabetes – and the less controlled your blood sugar – the higher the risk of complications. Eventually, diabetes complications may be disabling or even life-threatening, added Mayo Clinic.

As my mother endures the chronic condition, I advised my husband to undergo some lifestyle changes, such as losing excess pounds, eating a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding junk food, getting more physical activity, on top of his medication.

This experience can serve as a wakeup call for families who have diabetic family members — that even if they have it, they can somehow live a normal life by understanding the chronic condition.

Still, prevention is better than cure. Meanwhile, the global biopharmaceutical company Sanofi has worked in the field of diabetes for more than 100 years and through its range of treatments and programs has built a tailored and personalized approach to care.

Central to this is ensuring patients are at the heart of discussions with their doctors and to do that they need access to the right tools.

Sanofi has developed a multi-pronged approach that provides people with the tools they needs to live their lives in spite of the disease.

It likewise pushes for new therapies and remains optimistic about developing innovative treatments. At the core of Sanofi’s approach is education. Through its educational programs, it helps people with diabetes and their doctors to control the disease.