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MFPI: 2023 is a good year for PH arts and culture

MFPI: 2023 is a good year for PH arts and culture

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Following the recent success of its annual three-day fundraising event, MaArte Fair, non-profit organization, Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI), has released a statement calling 2023 as a “good year” for the country’s arts and culture. According to the organization’s President, Danny Jacinto, “Judging based on the output of MaArte Fair this year, we can confidently say that compared to years past, Filipinos have become more open to supporting our own artists, artisans, and other things endemic to the Philippines.”

For those unaware, Museum Foundation is is a non-stock, not-for-profit membership and volunteer organization dedicated to not only preserve and promote the Philippines’ rich artistic and cultural heritage, but to also provide funding support for the special projects of museums in the Philippines—with the National Museum being its primary focus. The organization started as an informal gathering of friends of the National Museum back in the 80s. The goal back then was simple—to help gather small funds to assist with the museum’s operations. In 1986, the individuals who were part of this movement officially registered themselves as Concerned Citizens for the National Museum (CCNM). It wasn’t until 1995 until they decided to change the name of the organization to Museum Foundation of the Philippines, which allowed them to assist other museums in the country while continuing to provide support for the National Museum.

Since then, Museum Foundation has achieved many milestones. Most recently, the MaArte Fair 2023, which brought together 120 artists and artisans in one roof to showcase their work. This was the biggest turnout for the much-awaited annual fundraiser. During a span of three days, the fair allowed Museum Foundation to generate double the funds compared to last year, giving the organization the ability to aid more museums, artists, and artisans.

“Not many people understand the profound effects that this year’s success has for the country’s arts and culture,” shares Danny Jacinto. “First, it showed everyone that the community is growing and gaining momentum. This is the first time in MaArte Fair’s history that we occupied three floors of The Peninsula Manila, in addition to the courtyard. Second, the funds gathered during the event will allow us to further extend help where it is needed. We have more than 1,200 museums in the country, most of which need help one way or the other. There are also individuals—artists and artisans—who need funding assistance to enrich their craft. Through these funds, Museum Foundation is able to help build a more vibrant community and promote and preserve arts and culture.”

Jacinto adds, “The MaArte Fair and its success is a physical manifestation of the five core values of the Museum Foundation, which are: love of country, effective collaboration, integrity and trust, pursuit of excellence, and last but not the least, inclusivity. It is these values that guide us to work harder this year to achieve more for the sake of the Filipino people.”


Speaking of achieving more, the MaArte Fair is not the only hallmark achievement of Museum Foundation this year. The organization also provided assistance during the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Pasinaya Festival back in February. During the same month, they also served as a sponsor and education partner for Art Fair Philippines. In April, they extended support for the production of Threaded Traditions: The Inabal of the Bagobo-Tagabawa, a 30-minute documentary whose main goal is to help preserve weaving traditions and honor the late Salinta Monon, a weaving virtuoso. The said documentary is slated to be completed next month, and was filmed entirely in Bansalan, Davao.


In July, they provided scholarship grant for one National Museum employee to study Master’s in Heritage and Exhibit Design at the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland.


“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who supported us this past year.  Your generosity and unwavering dedication have fuelled our humble success. We honestly couldn’t have achieved any of this without your support. Our only ask is that you continue to support Philippine arts and cultures in the years to come—through Museum Foundation and through any other means you can,” ends Jacinto.