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Mapúa University continuously expands access to world-class education through special discount offerings

Mapúa University continuously expands access to world-class education through special discount offerings

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Mapúa University is committed to making world-class education more accessible and affordable to students by providing various scholarship grants, financial assistance programs, and promotional discounts for incoming freshmen students of A.Y. 2023-2024.

Future Mapúans who are interested in learning at their own pace may avail themselves of a one-time PhP 1,500 discount on tuition fees in the initial payment through its ÚOx discount when they enroll in any of the University’s fully online undergraduate programs.

Aside from its fully online programs, incoming college freshmen of some of its Business and Health Sciences programs are granted up to 20% off in tuition fees through the Pioneer Discount. Here are the list of programs offering discounts:

Accountancy – 10%

Business Administration – 10%

Business Intelligence and Analytics – 20%

Global Management – 20%

Marketing – 20%

Real Estate Management – 20%

Biology – 5%

Medical Technology – 10%

Other programs of the University are also offering up to 20% off on tuition fees through the Cardinal Innovator Discount. This discount is open to new students enrolling in the following programs:

Data Science

Digital Film

Digital Journalism

Energy Engineering

Entertainment and Multimedia Computing

Management Engineering

Urban Planning

Finally, a one-time, outright discount on total fees of up to PHP 10,000 is also available to incoming senior high school students and college freshmen through the Early Bird Promotional Discount and Early Enrollment Promotional Discount. Applicants who pay the reservation fee on or before April 30, 2023, will get a PHP 5,000 discount and an additional PHP 5,000 off when they pay the full matriculation fee on or before May 15, 2023.

“We believe that quality education should be available to all, and thus should be made more accessible. These promotional discounts for the new academic year will encourage aspiring Mapúans to explore our program opportunities and learn through world-class curriculum that’s aligned with the needs of industries”, Alodia Hernaez, AVP for Marketing and Admissions of Mapúa University said.

“This is also why we continuously partner with other organizations to provide our students scholarship opportunities that will help them earn a degree with more ease in terms of tuition fee and payments”, Hernaez added.
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