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Mapúa lists the best, future-proof jobs for 2023

Mapúa lists the best, future-proof jobs for 2023

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Now that numerous artificial intelligence (AI) applications and automation tools are in the market, it’s unsurprising if job security and career longevity become a recurring topic among employees. Think tanks like the World Economic Forum and various government agencies have continuously urged workers to upskill, but it’s the sudden rise of AI that has motivated many to learn new skills or shift careers to stay relevant. To help incoming college students and potential career shifters choose future-ready jobs, Mapúa University has listed down the best jobs for 2023. 


Jaja C. Hernaez, Mapúa’s assistant vice president for marketing and admissions, said that Data Science, Game Development, and Energy Engineering were the most promising jobs this year. Local and international employers prize these in-demand careers since they fulfill current and future skills gaps. The jobs’ flexibility, agility, and scope also ensure they can address the ever-changing demands. 


“With how work is expected to transform in the future, it is best to possess a degree that thrives regardless of the change in demand, mode, and setup. Digitalization and internationalization are two major shifts that industries undergo. The programs Mapúa offers will help produce a pool of professionals with the necessary skill set,” said Hernaez. 


As industries gear up for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), professionals should expect changes at work, such as the heavy use of technology, particularly collaborative intelligence between AI and human employees, an uptick in part-time or independent contractor requirements, and occupations that require lifelong learning. Professionals specializing in Data Science, Game Development, and Energy Engineering have been trained to flourish in these scenarios. 


Data Science, in particular, is considered by industry experts as the sexiest job of the 21st century because of its unlimited work opportunities across industries. Data Scientists are essential in the finance sector, where they analyze and transform information into key assets. This data boosts algorithms, improves products or processes, and guides business decisions. Data Scientists are so in demand that online learning platform Coursera said that US-based professionals command about USD 90,000 to 275,500 depending on experience. While the Indeed job portal stated they received 34,000 a month in the Philippines. 


On the other hand, game developers take charge of the entire game development pipeline. These creative, bold, and technically-savvy gaming programmers are sought after by gaming, software, and media companies for their computer programming, creative, animation, design, and marketing skills. Online recruitment company JobStreet Ph reported that the average monthly salary for Game Developers in the US was $115,155 a year. Those in the Philippines received ₱40,000 to ₱50,000 monthly. 


As economies continue to explore various energy resources, the demand for competent Energy Engineers has also increased. Energy production and manufacturing companies, and local and national government agencies like the Department of Energy, need Energy Engineers to develop and cascade green solutions and lead efforts for efficient energy consumption. The average salary of an Energy Engineer in the US is up to $93,788 per year, while it’s

₱33,839 a month in the Philippines, according to Indeed.


Although these three professions are future-ready and financially rewarding, Hernaez cautions that students should still thoroughly evaluate their interests and competencies so that they will truly thrive and enjoy their future careers. 


“In choosing a college program, it is important that you assess your capabilities and skills before selecting the best program and school where you think you can nurture and put your skillset to work. The three programs offered at Mapúa allow you to do these and enable you to pursue a career here or overseas since global industries will continue to require such professionals even in the future,” explained Hernaez.


To help students determine which career best suits them, the University uses the Mapúa Program Placement Assessment (MPASS), a standardized assessment tool that measures an individual’s cognitive and academic development. Through MPASS, students who dream of enrolling in the University can determine the program that fits their capabilities. 


Whether students are accepted into Data Science, Game Development, Energy Engineering, or any of the class-leading Mapúa undergraduate or postgraduate programs, they can be assured that they are already ahead because of the University’s internationally-recognized academic curriculum. For more information on its Data Science, Game Development, and Energy Engineering programs, visit