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Make it a habit to bond with your little ones with McDonald’s Happy Meal O’ Clock

Make it a habit to bond with your little ones with McDonald’s Happy Meal O’ Clock

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McDonald’s is launching a series offline and offline initiatives to encourage more parent and child bonding moments

As parents’ partner in creating meaningful memories for children, McDonald’s launches Happy Meal O’Clock: a mix of online and offline initiatives that encourage parents to make bonding time with kids a habit. McDonald’s is officially launching Happy Meal O’ Clock today via a Facebook live event.

Now that parents are transitioning to different work setups, the time spent bonding with their kids has become limited. Oftentimes, children are just left with activities involving screens such as playing online video games and watching different shows online. With the brand’s newest initiative, parents will be given tips and ideas on how to better connect with their children and to make bonding time more fun and engaging for everyone.

The Happy Meal O’ Clock launch event specifically talks about how parents can create a new habit of play time with their children without involving screen time. Happy Meal O’ Clock will surely add excitement to kids and parents’ bonding moments and make playtime worth remembering.

Watch out for the official launch of McDonald’s Happy Meal Habit later August 30, 6PM-7PM  via livestream on McDonald’s Facebook page. Join the livestream with mommy celebrities, Saab Magalona and Bea Fabregas, as they exchange stories about their mommy journey, give tips on their own hacks to limit their kids’ screen time while engaging them in physical play, and interact with some of the biggest Mommy Communities on Facebook. You may check this Facebook event page for more details: Happy Meal O’ Clock: Playtime without Screen Time

Get hooked on McDonald’s newest program, Happy Meal O’Clock, and make this a habit as there will be more upcoming activations in store for parents and little ones. For more information, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of McDonald’s announcements.