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Lesha’s ‘GO TO HELL!!!’ – A Soundtrack for Toxic Love

Lesha’s ‘GO TO HELL!!!’ – A Soundtrack for Toxic Love

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Today’s generation rising rockstar and fearless singer/songwriter Lesha is gearing up to rock your Halloween celebrations with the launch of her latest single entitled ‘”GO TO HELL!!!”’ A song that exudes the iconic pop-punk feel–fusing together defiance, heartache and the empowering realization of self-discovery.

“I wrote this song over the summer. This one basically dives into all the messy vibes of a toxic relationship. The lyrics capture the gut-punch of being let down by someone who couldn’t make up their mind,” Lesha shares.

“GO TO HELL!!!” was written over the summer locally with L.A. based producer Dela and songwriter Krizia. As Lesha is best known for writing songs straight from her own experiences, you can be assured that this song is gonna make it big among her Gen Z followers.

Lesha continues, “I normally write based on true experiences, and at the studio I was expressing the hardships I went through in my toxic relationship so we figured to pour out all my intrusive/unfiltered thoughts into this song.”

It seems like there’s no stopping Lesha from making reality awakening songs that can foretell situations that some of us can best relate to. Before you know it, she has already tapped that innate energy among us to recharge us and be prepared in conquering our worst fears.

And her favorite lines go like this, “Go on and tell your story…Admit you did me dirty…Brought out the worst in me…Cause you knew me too well…Lost trust in everybody…Don’t say you did it for me…You killed the best of me…I’ll see you in hell”

She explains, “My favorite lyrics are in the bridge of the song because of the angst and resentment it expresses from losing trust in someone (which is the entire gist of the song). It kinda reminds me of the saying “hurt people, hurt people”. No matter how good you’ve been to a person, if they’re not at peace with themselves they will endlessly find ways to share their pain with you or dump all their negative energy/traumas on you to disrupt your peace.”

Surely, this song will appeal to everyone who went through the same experience as her.  But then again beneath those messages, she wants to impart a greater meaning behind the lyrics. Honesty in all aspects whether it be songwriting or in her personal pursuits.

“It was really fun writing and tracking the vocals cause it involved a lot of honesty, angst, and of course high energy screaming which really helped ease my frustration; at the same time the verses tapped into my more vulnerable side and this song was able to fully articulate the feelings I had trapped in my head, translating it into a heavy contrast between the chorus and the verses.”

“GO TO HELL!!!” streams on Lesha’s Spotify starting October 27, 2023. Check out other social media platforms– Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok for more updates.