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Learn from Home: GLOBIS Unlimited Free to Learners until End of April

Learn from Home: GLOBIS Unlimited Free to Learners until End of April

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Filipinos now find themselves spending extended periods at home with the Enhanced Community Quarantine to prevent the spread of the corona virus in full force.

Globis University, Japan’s No. 1 MBA School, aims to lend support during these challenging times by providing free learning opportunities for career growth and professional development. GLOBIS Unlimited, a business microlearning platform, will be available free of charge to individual learners who register by April 10, 2020. Classes may be accessed throughout the month of April.

The platform combines the power of technology with the teaching experience of GLOBIS University. Launched in November 2019, the service was first provided for free to corporate users to help support online training and overseas business. Over 1,100 companies use GLOBIS Unlimited.

More than just MBA basics, the GLOBIS Unlimited curriculum includes unique content reflective of GLOBIS specialties, including “Leadership with Passion through Kokorozashi” and “Technovate Thinking.”

Sign up on or before April 10th at to avail of the free classes. For more information, you may also contact: Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University via