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Know Better and Do Better with uHoo Premium

Know Better and Do Better with uHoo Premium

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Most people now measure almost everything they do in their daily lives through apps on their smartphones – from steps they take to their heart rate and sleep patterns. Yet one of the things that is largely ignored is invisible to the human eye. The quality of the air you breathe directly affects your health, productivity, and wellbeing.

With the uHoo Smart Air Monitor, you can measure, monitor, and manage vital indoor air quality factors necessary for a smart, healthy home. It is the most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor on the market. Besides monitoring room temperature and humidity, it also measures indoor air pressure, carbon dioxide, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), dust (PM2.5), carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone levels, as well as the world’s first Virus IndexTM that identifies the likelihood of harmful viruses being spread in the air. This air quality data is collected and transmitted in real-time through the uHoo mobile app.

You can make better decisions about your indoor air quality management with accurate and reliable real-time information and insights. Now imagine what you could do with better information tailored to your environment, your conditions, and your lifestyle? With uHoo Premium, create a smarter and healthier home and gain better control.

uHoo Premium takes indoor air quality monitoring and management to the next level.

uHoo Premium is a subscription-based in-app service that provides home users amazing new features to get more value out of their uHoo Smart Air Monitor. In addition to the nine air quality indicators, the uHoo Premium service offers advanced data analytics, smarter alerts, the uHoo IndicesTM customized insights, as well as a web portal for in-depth visualizations of your data on your computer that all help to paint a more comprehensive picture of your air quality so you can take measures to further improve the quality of the air you breathe. Users who are interested in deep diving and getting more comprehensive insights into their indoor air quality will benefit from uHoo Premium.

The uHoo Premium subscription allows home users to access color-coded, easy-to-understand air quality indices that can help determine comfort, productivity, and overall health. Besides the Virus Index, uHoo Premium users can also check the Discomfort Index and Air Quality Index in real-time.

In addition, uHoo Premium provides customized data for occupants with specific concerns and ailments such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, COPD, headaches, and more. Owners of pets, parents of newborn babies, and family members who care for the elderly can benefit from these insights to ensure they maintain optimal air quality at home.

With the exclusive uHoo Premium web portal feature, users will also be able to have a better view of their air quality data. The reports and charts provide additional useful information, as well as article resources. Customer service concerns are managed through the Priority ticketing service.

“We listened to what our users wanted and needed to create a healthy home. uHoo Premium is going to give them more information about the air they breathe in a simple, easy-to-understand form and allow them to do more,” uHoo CEO and co-Founder Dustin Onghanseng said.

As an introductory offer, new customers who will purchase their first uHoo Smart Air Monitor will get 12 months of uHoo Premium subscription ($120 worth of value)

Current users of the uHoo Smart Air Monitor will also be able to receive a free 12-month subscription to uHoo Premium simply by upgrading their account within their uHoo app on their mobile device until August 10, 2022. Users with a registered uHoo Smart Air Monitor device are eligible to opt in and take advantage of the offer.

The uHoo Premium goes for a monthly subscription of US$9.99 or a discounted annual subscription rate of US$59.99.