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It’s Reign-ing Cats and Dogs at Manila Prince Hotel

It’s Reign-ing Cats and Dogs at Manila Prince Hotel

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Manila Prince Hotel, a premier hotel nestled in the heart of the City of Manila, is excited to announce its latest initiative to cater to the needs of all guests. The hotel is delighted to open its doors to registered pet cats and dogs, ensuring that their stay is as comfortable as that of their fur-parents. This step reflects the hotel’s commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and an inclusive experience that guarantees no family member is left out.

Starting 01 October 2023, guests can book pet-friendly rooms that are thoughtfully equipped to cater to their furry friends. These rooms feature a range of amenities including plush pet bedding, towel, and feeding bowls, kitty litter trays, and more. Protocols are in place to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, assuring a safe and pleasant experience for all.


Beyond the enhanced room facilities, Manila Prince Hotel is also offering additional services tailored exclusively for its VIP (Very Important Pet) guests. This includes the provision of a dedicated pet park located at the al fresco area of the hotel. This spacious outdoor area allows furry guests to stretch their legs and enjoy outdoor playtime.


“Our decision to embrace a pet-friendly approach aligns with our commitment to cater to the evolving needs of our guests who consider their furry companions as integral family members,” says Marvin Kim Tan, Manila Prince Hotel’s director of sales and marketing.


For reservations or for more information about our pet-friendly policy, call +63 2 53282222, email, or visit