Wednesday, July 24, 2024

It’s a pot-lockdown celebration with GrabFood and Coca-Cola!

It’s a pot-lockdown celebration with GrabFood and Coca-Cola!

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With exciting Coke #ComboDeals on GrabFood this holiday season, celebrations with family and friends can be just

 Plans for the fast-approaching holiday season may have been altered, but good times with family and friends can remain. Whether you’re together in person or through a screen, what makes a celebration special is sharing moments with your loved ones over a good meal.

This holiday season, GrabFood and Coca-Cola make these celebrations even more special with pot-lockdown #ComboDeals! Because no gathering is complete without a refreshing drink of Coke, starting November 7, exclusive combo deals of your favorite food paired with Coca-Cola will be available— only on GrabFood.

To find a combo deal near you, just head on over to the GrabFood homepage and look for the Coca-Cola #ComboDeals icon or type #ComboDeals in the search bar.  With a wide variety of food choices and #ComboDeals only on GrabFood, you’re sure to have a pot-lockdown celebration for the books!

For a memorable pot-lockdown style holiday celebration, all you need is good company and GrabFood’s Coke #ComboDeals! Visit for more details.