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HealthSolutionsPrioritizes Health and Safety during COVID-19 Pandemic

HealthSolutionsPrioritizes Health and Safety during COVID-19 Pandemic

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In line with numerous efforts of the Philippine government and the various private sectors in the fight against the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc.’s President and CEO, Prof. Ralph A. Ante announced that the organization is one in this endeavor by prioritizing the health and safety of its most important assets — its employees.While majority of the workforce had a work from home arrangement, in order to support its healthcare partners, operations during the ECQ/MECQ – though skeletal for its Supply Chain and After-Sales Service continued. For employees who continued to work during the ECQ/MECQ, a Rapid Test Screening was conducted.

Employees who physically report to offices, warehouses, or the field are provided with means of transportation; additionally – once they arrive in the office or warehouse – are subjected to a general declaration of health, wherein they will assess themselves and report daily any symptoms that they might be experiencing in relation to COVID-19. If there are symptoms associated with COVID19 declared – the concern will be addressed in accordance with the company’s crisis management and emergency preparedness protocols, which are consistent with the Department of Healthguidelines.

The company has also invested heavily in the acquisition of personal protective equipment which are provided to its frontline workers, especially those who cover, deliver and install in hospitals. Decontamination of office worksites and warehouse is also implemented by the company daily.

HealthSolutions employs around 140 employees across the country. Of this number, around 30 percent personally reported for work during the ECQ period, many of whom are warehouse workers and service engineers. In the transition from enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to modified enhanced and general community quarantine (MECQ and GCQ),the company expects more employees to return to work in the coming weeks. As industry experts and analysts around the world expect the COVID-19 pandemic to stretch out to the next year or so, the company plans to integrate these measures into its routine as part of standard operating procedures under the new normal.

HealthSolutions is the leading importer, distributor, and marketer of high-quality medical equipment and supplies in the Philippines, providing healthcare institutions with products that help improve the quality of life for patients and medical practitioners. To learn more about HealthSolutions and its products, visit the company’s official website at