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HealthSolutions conducts webinar on Airway Management amid COVID-19

HealthSolutions conducts webinar on Airway Management amid COVID-19

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HeathSolutions Enterprises Inc. (HealthSolutions) recently conducted a webinar on airway management, which revolved around best practices relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 160 attendees joined the webinar held last September 17.

Dr. Eduardo Salvador, Associate Professor at the De La Salle University Medical Center – Department of Anesthesiology, led the discussions during the webinar, which was moderated by Dr. Clive Fermin of Chong Hua Hospital Fuente and Mandaue.

Considered one of the pioneers in the management of the difficult airway in the Philippines, Dr. Salvador shared insights into the safe practice of intubation and extubation through his presentation, titled “Issues on Airway Management During COVID 19 Pandemic.”

During the first part of his presentation, Dr. Salvador named extubation techniques that can be utilized to minimize aerosol contamination in the operating room, such as deep extubation, the Bailey’s maneuver, and the COLL-IVAN containment extubation technique. Dr. Salvador talked about the advantages of the said techniques, as well as their drawbacks and how these can be addressed to ensure the best outcomes.

Another topic that Dr. Salvador tackled during his presentation was aerosol box use for intubation and extubation. The aerosol box is a device meant to protect healthcare workers during intubation. Dr. Salvador talked about the pros and cons of using the said device, before presenting an alternative tool called Emo-Tech box, providing better protection for healthcare workers.

The last topic that Dr. Salvador talked about in his presentation was the question of whether to do bag-mask ventilation (BMV) during rapid sequence induction (RSI) or not. He cited various studies on the subject, before concluding that it can be done under the right conditions.

GlideScope Titanium and GlideScope Go for COVID-19

Aside from Dr. Salvador’s presentation, the benefits of using the Verathon GlideScope Titanium in laryngoscopy procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic were also discussed. With its perfect angulation, Reveal™ anti-fog mechanism, and great selection of reusable titanium blades, which are among the thinnest in the market, GlideScope Titanium provides efficient laryngoscopy in COVID-19 care settings.

GlideScope Titanium features five reusable blade sizes and types for different clinical needs. Their low-profile designs allow improved maneuverability, while their titanium construction makes them lightweight and durable. They are also submersible and can be cleaned without soaking caps.

Aside from these, GlideScope Titanium offers the same industry-leading imaging that has become synonymous with the GlideScope brand. Each blade is equipped with a camera that provides clear visualization for different intubation procedures. To help confirm tube placement, the system comes with a wide array of real-time snapshot, video capture, and playback features.

GlideScope Titanium is compatible for use with the GlideScope Video Monitor. There is also an optional HDMI-to-DVI cable for connecting to external monitors.

As a guarantee for customers, the GlideScope Titanium is covered by warranty and a comprehensive after-sales service.

The Verathon GlideScope Go was also highlighted during the event. It offers the same perfectly angulated blade alongside other types of blades. It is also equipped with a video monitor that is fully submersible for efficient disinfection, which is critical in COVID-19 care. What makes GlideScope Go unique is its fully handheld design, making it the perfect laryngoscope system for situations that call for mobility.

Despite its compact form factor, GlideScope Go packs enough power to deliver reliable accuracy, utilizing a number of Verathon’s advanced lighting and camera technologies, including Dynamic Light Control® and Ambient Light Reduction®, to provide high-resolution imaging. This is complemented by an intuitive, 3.5-inch color display that features vertical tilt adjustment and comes with anti-glare coating for maximum visibility and scratch resistance for added protection.

For more accessible documentation, GlideScope Go features automatic recording with a removable 16-GB micro-USB drive. It also comes equipped with an integrated battery component that charges to 80 percent in just two hours. When fully charged, this translates to about 100 minutes of uninterrupted use. There is also an option for corded operations.

GlideScope Go is also built to last and can withstand drops from heights of up to four feet. For added assurance, GlideScope Go is backed by a full one-year warranty and after-sales support, ensuring that customers can maximize their investment.

Single-use and reusable blades for GlideScope systems


In view of the COVID-19 situation, the hospitals may be looking at video laryngoscope to distance themselves from the airway as there is a high risk of aerosol spread of the virus during airway management.

Verathon has a cart-based system which is compatible with reusable blades that are made from durable/lightweight titanium, which enable low-profile blade designs for improved maneuverability and working space. The reusable blade can also be highly disinfected without a protective cap needed on connection ports.

Though, many hospitals are also now switching to single-use blades such as Spectrum because it is 100% disposable. Engineered with fully integrated disposable components, the Spectrum Single-Use systems help reduce the potential for cross-contamination and aid in the hospital’s battle with infection control.

GlideScope is Verathon’s world-renowned brand of laryngoscopy systems. In the Philippines, both are available exclusively via HealthSolutions, the leading distributor of medical equipment and supplies. Learn more about these and other products from HealthSolutions’ catalog by visiting www.healthsolutions.com.ph.