Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Grab launches GrabExpress Package Protection for end-to-end delivery security

Grab launches GrabExpress Package Protection for end-to-end delivery security

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For thousands of Filipinos who have embraced delivery services as an essential part of their lives, the safety and security of these deliveries is a foremost concern. To assure customers of safer and more secure parcel deliveries, GrabExpress has launched the new Package Protection—a secure end-to-end delivery process and experience that assures customers that their packages are well taken care of.

This was developed by Grab in recognition of the value of the packages shipped by customers. In the unlikely event that something happens to the packages, you can be assured these are insured up to ₱10,000 for every delivery. Pharmaceutical products, fashion jewelry, bottled beverages, perishable goods, cash and cash-equivalent items for Cash-On-Delivery transactions are insured up to a maximum of ₱5,000.

For added peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient, real-time tracking of parcels is possible through the Grab app. One can monitor delivery status and be ready to welcome the delivery partner—a feature that is especially useful during the lockdown period when travel could take time. Further, as an added feature in the app, delivery partners capture proof of pick-up and drop-off, ensuring both sender and recipient that parcels arrive intact and without damage.

To make all these possible, GrabExpress gives best-in-class training for delivery partners to ensure that they provide quality service to all customers, from the moment the packages are received until these are handed over to the recipient.

“We know that customers want assurances regarding their packages for delivery. Especially now that we are unable to go out and do our tasks, we need a service that’s reliable and trustworthy. As a seal of Grab’s commitment to the security of our customers’ packages, Package Protection provides them that peace of mind, ensuring that should something happen to their packages, losses will be covered,” said Jacqueline Mae Lim, Head of GrabExpress Philippines.

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