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Goodday: helping students have a meaningful school experience

Goodday: helping students have a meaningful school experience

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When kids started to go back to face-to-face classes, Goodday supported their learning journey by sharing tools that can help them have more enjoyable school days.

Kids usually start the school year by meeting their classmates and teachers. To help them make introductions more fun and creative, Goodday recently visited five schools across the Philippines to provide approximately 24,000 students with customizable name tags, school supplies and bottles of Goodday. The cultured milk brand also visited 105 more schools and gave out Goodday products to help boost the immunity of students.

Goodday also attended the “Brigada Eskwela Kick-off” held by the Department of Education last August 2023, and shared around 400,000 bottles of Goodday, a cultured milk drink can help strengthen the immunity of students, and can also be a great baon companion.

“We recognize that students feel the importance of belonging, making friends, and being remembered among their classmates. By letting them customize their own name tags, they can inject their personalities and proudly wear them in campus to meet new people,” said Mian D. David, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) Chief Marketing Officer.  “We also believe that kids can do more and be more when they are healthy and active. As a brand who champions good well-being, we want to support them by sharing supplies that they can use in school, as well as by giving them a yummy healthy drink that can help boost their immunity.”

Goodday Cultured Milk is a must-have refreshment for students and the whole family. Made using Japanese technology, Goodday contains unique paraprobiotics Lactobacillus paracasei MCC1849 or LAC Shield that is clinically proven to boost the immune system. It also helps with the production of antibodies that can protect people against disease-causing microorganisms.

This delicious drink comes in 80ml mini bottles and 350ml PET bottles that have a 12-month shelf life, so parents can definitely keep a stash of this at home. Whether it’s for daily consumption or a “baon” essential at school, the whole family can enjoy Goodday Cultured Milk anytime, anywhere, and choose from its three delightful flavors: Original, Strawberry, and Mango.

Paired with a proper diet and an active lifestyle, Goodday Cultured Milk can help provide daily “YUMImmunity” to students of all ages with its delicious flavors and all-around health benefits.

Shop Goodday at your nearby convenience stores and supermarkets, and online via e-commerce shops such as Shopee.

Goodday visited schools to provide students with school supplies and bottles of Goodday Cultured Milk drink

Goodday mascots, Ori, Gogo and Beri, welcome students as they visit Goodday’s booth

Goodday shared bottles of its yummy immunity-boosting cultured milk drink to approximately 24,000 Filipino students

To help students have a meaningful school experience, Goodday visited five schools to share customized name tags and bottles of Goodday Cultured Milk drink