Friday, June 14, 2024

Galderma Advances Skin Health with Science-Backed Skincare Solutions For Skin Awareness Month 2024

Galderma Advances Skin Health with Science-Backed Skincare Solutions For Skin Awareness Month 2024

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Committed to pioneering skin health solutions, Galderma, the leader in skincare and dermatological treatments, is celebrating their ongoing advancements in sensitive skin care through scientific research and innovation for this year’s Skin Awareness Month. Galderma’s latest efforts further cement their role as the name to know in scientifically formulated skincare products, tailored to enhance and protect sensitive skin.

“Galderma is at the forefront of advancing skin health, continuously breaking new ground in the care of sensitive skin through dedicated scientific research and innovation, particularly highlighted during this Skin Awareness Month,” said Louie Roxas, General Manager of Galderma Philippines.

Louie Roxas – General Manager of Galderma Philippines

Sensitive skin manifests through five symptoms: a weakened skin barrier, dryness, irritation, roughness, and tightness, and requires specially formulated care. Cetaphil, a brand under Galderma’s roster, have cleansers and moisturizers that are designed based on rigorous scientific research and clinical trials, ensuring they address these five key signs of skin sensitivity effectively.


Cetaphil remains steadfast in their mission to ensure those with sensitive skin do not have to compromise on the quality of skincare. Each product is a reflection of Cetaphil’s deep-rooted understanding of sensitive skin science, designed to hydrate and protect all skin types— from dry to eczema-prone.

Skin Awareness Skin Tour

To emphasize their commitment to science-backed skincare, Galderma is advancing skin health with science for Skin Awareness Month 2024 with a month-long campaign built on science and expertise in dermatology: Welcome to the 2024 Skin Awareness Skin Tour.

Jess Wilson – Cetaphil Brand Ambassador; Dr. Coreen Copuyoc – Board Certified Dermatologist

Jess Wilson – Cetaphil Brand Ambassador

This tour will see modular booths that have expert skin analysis, a product experience area and a buying area for consumers’ needs that will move all over the metro, starting at prestigious universities (to target those with sensitive and acne-prone skin), followed by office spaces (for busy professionals who are dealing with sensitive skin and dull, uneven skin tones), and ending at baby and mommy fairs (to ensure both baby and mommy get all the help they need when it comes to sensitive skin care).

“We are celebrating Skin Awareness Month 2024 by embarking on a groundbreaking Skin Tour, blending scientific innovation with expert-led community engagement to promote optimal skin health,” said Abe Mationg, Cetaphil Philippines Brand Manager. “We aim to educate and cater to diverse skin needs across multiple demographics, reinforcing our dedication to science-backed skin care.”

Commitment to Natural Beauty

 By joining Skin Awareness Month, Galderma Aesthetics hopes to be part of people’s skin care history, along with the rest of the Cetaphil products under Galderma. From childhood, using Cetaphil Baby products, to adulthood with the core line of Cetaphil, supported by the rest of the roster regarding specific skin issues, the public will also be able to learn about premier treatment brands Sculptra® and Restylane® thanks to their partnerships with clinics, with the aim of introducing a new way to enhance natural beauty in a long-lasting way.

These partnerships will include in-depth, in-clinic training with partner doctors to provide knowledge about the treatment in order to optimize patient satisfaction, and brand videos. “Participation in Skin Awareness Month underscores Galderma Aesthetics’ commitment to promoting skin health as a critical aspect of overall wellness,” says Michelle De Jesus, Business Unit Head, Galderma Injectables and Aesthetics Philippines.

From Left to Right: Carlo Ulep – Head of Sales and Trade Marketing at Galderma Philippines; Christine Yap-Legaspi – Marketing and Customer Education Training Manager at Galderma Injectables and Aesthetics Philippines; Abe Mationg – Senior Brand Manager of Cetaphil Philippines; Michelle De Jesus – Business Unit Head at Galderma Injectables and Aesthetics Philippines; Louie Roxas – General Manager of Galderma Philippines

“It emphasizes the company’s dedication not just to aesthetic improvements but to genuine dermatological health, aligning with its mission to provide solutions that support both the appearance and the health of the skin,” continues De Jesus.

Also to look out for is a 1 (one)-month referral program to introduce Sculptra® and Restylane® to new patients. Available at One Nadela, Skin 101, and Derm HQ, customers can bring 2 friends to get these treatment to avail of 1 free treatment in return.

“During Skin Awareness Month, Galderma Aesthetics enhances its commitment to natural beauty through strategic partnerships and educational initiatives, introducing Sculptra® and Restylane® with a focus on optimal patient outcomes and long-lasting results,” said Christine Yap-Legaspi, Marketing and Customer Education Training Manager at Galderma Injectables and Aesthetics Philippines.

Through continuous research, a commitment to innovation, and ensuring that users get to have their one-on-one backed by experts experience, Galderma aims to advance the field of dermatological science, making a tangible difference in skin health.