Thursday, May 30, 2024

From a college degree to a livelihood without leaving home. AMA University Online Education and 51Talk say yes

From a college degree to a livelihood without leaving home. AMA University Online Education and 51Talk say yes

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Philippines leading online English teaching platform 51Talk and the Philippines’ first full online education provider AMA Online Education (AMAOED) recently formalized a groundbreaking partnership to provide digital livelihood to AMAOED graduates.  Further, the partnership will allow 51Talk teachers to avail of AMAOED’s higher education and teaching certification programs.

51Talk is the leading online English education platform in China that specializes in providing quality online English language teaching for kids and adults through live, one-on-one, interactive, and fun lessons with a pool of passionate Filipino home-based teachers.

AMAOEDcurrently has 150,000 enrolled students worldwide. 51Talk, on the other hand,has 20,000 teachers spread across the Philippines earning from home.Early this year, 51Talk announced they are seeking 100,000 Filipino English teachers to join the platform in the next five years.

“This partnership is another milestone in 51Talk’s history.It is a very welcome development as the demand for English teachers continue to rise due to the strong demand in China for online English education,” said Jack Huang, 51Talk Founder and CEO.

As part of 51Talk’s commitment, AMAOED graduates shall get an express lane allowing them to teach in the platform and start earning from homein just three days.

“It’s a perfect fit and natural transition from online education to online livelihood,” said AMA Education System Vice Chairman and CEO Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX. “It feels great knowing that we in AMAOED share the same vision with 51Talk in harnessing the power of technology to change and improve the lives of Filipinos worldwide. I’m very excited what the future holds for our graduates with 51Talk as our partner,” he added.

Another first from AMA Education System, AMAOEDis the first university in the Philippines to offer college degree courses which can be taken completely online, with flexible class schedules that mostly appeal to part-time and full-time working students alike. It offers a self-learning platform with the guidance of professors and with the aidof multimedia technology.

“There are hundreds of AMA graduates teaching English online using the 51Talk platform. They are outstanding and passionate.And because they are AMA graduates, they are very tech savvy too,” said 51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que.

51Talk is asserting its leadership in the global e-Education space by taking strides in ensuring top-notch quality is delivered by its pool of highly-educated, well-trained and certified Filipino teachers.

“This partnership also ensures the continued professional development of our home-based online English teachers and what better way to accomplish this but through online means. This will definitely translate to a better teaching-learning experience for all 51Talk users,” declared Mr. Huang. “I foresee a very productive and long-term relationship between us.”