Thursday, May 30, 2024

Elevate the bathroom experience with GROHE’s new Bau toilets

Elevate the bathroom experience with GROHE’s new Bau toilets

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Expands GROHE Bau range full bathroom solution for every home and building

Bathrooms play a central, versatile role in our lives, and are increasingly becoming an extension of who we are. As a result, consumers are seeking integrated design concepts that perfectly match their needs and reflect their values and personal style. With an increased focus on wellness, comfort and sustainability, consumers are looking to elevate their bathroom experience to serve as a place of retreat and rejuvenation.


To meet this need, GROHE, a global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has unveiled its Bau Ceramics range of toilets – comprising of Bau One-piece and Close-coupled toilets (Bau toilets). The new range elevates the bathroom experience with GROHE’s hallmarks of innovative design, technology, quality, and sustainability.

Versatile and adaptable – an all-rounder for your bathroom

GROHE’s Bau Ceramics toilets offer a timeless design and versatile features to match any bathroom scheme, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties and residential homes.

Offering soft and round forms and modern aesthetics, the new toilets feature a contemporary style, with a slim build and skirted designs, accentuated with a minimalistic metallic touch. They are crafted with the highest standards of design and quality materials to meet consumer and industry needs.

The GROHE Bau Ceramics toilets also harmoniously complement the Bau Ceramic and matching Bau Accessories to create a complete bathroom concept. The complete GROHE Bau range is the perfect choice for bathroom interiors of hotels, offices and residential housing. Its unified contemporary style makes it a versatile solution for consumer or professional projects, suiting every taste.

Additionally, the collection has been made to perfectly match in form and function with a selection of Bau basins and basin mixers. This will allow installers, architects, and designers to compose visually coordinated bathrooms – completely by GROHE.

Advanced technologies for hygiene and sustainability

Designed with GROHE rimless technology, every surface of the Bau toilets are accessible, easy to reach and effortless to keep clean. The soft close seat and cover allows for easy removal of the toilet seat for cleaning, while safety is assured with the gentle and quiet soft-closing mechanism that minimizes the risk of children trapping their fingers.

With a greater focus on creating a circular economy, both consumers and the building sector are seeking sustainable solutions. GROHE‘s Bau Ceramics range is intelligently designed to balance innovation and style with sustainability. Integrated with resource-efficient features, the Bau toilets help in long-term resource saving and are environmental-friendly.

The Bau toilets are built with Triple Vortex Flush technology, which creates a powerful but silent vortex of water that swirls to cover and clean the whole of the bowl. Despite its power, this effective system is unlikely to splash and has low water consumption, with a dual flush option that uses 4.5 liters of water for a full flush and 3 liters for a short flush.

With a certified LEED score of 4 by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Bau toilets meet the building sustainability requirements of countries in Asia Pacific (APAC). The Triple Vortex Flush technology delivers advanced water saving performance with over 40 per cent reduction in water use compared to other toilets. Architects and designers are assured of industry leading water and energy saving standards to create green properties with the Bau toilets.

Together with high-specification materials and finishes, the Bau toilets offer an ideal solution for the homeowner or property professional who seeks a cohesive, modern style for their bathrooms.

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