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CSMC Nurses’ Week: 553 Reasons to Celebrate Amidst the Pandemic

CSMC Nurses’ Week: 553 Reasons to Celebrate Amidst the Pandemic

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            The last week of October marks one of the most significant annual celebrations in Philippine healthcare: The National Nurses’ Week. Cardinal Santos Medical Center has been one of the hospitals which really made it a point to celebrate and honor the work done by our nurses amid a global pandemic. While the past months had been very challenging for all of us, there were a lot of stories of nursing experiences wherein perseverance, resilience and teamwork really shined forth. This year’s Cardinal Santos Medical Center Nurses’ Week, with the theme, “Covid Ka Lang, Nurses Kami: Celebrating Nurses Week Through the Voice of Our Modern-Day Superheroes” was made to be a special week dedicated to honor and appreciate the contributions of the modern-day superheroes who relentlessly devoted themselves in serving and caring for their patients.

              The different committees formed, led by the overall chairman, Mr. Moises Edd Gangano, team leader of Nursing Research, Innovation and Patient Safety, conceptualized various fun-filled activities where nurses and allied healthcare staff can participate and engage into. The week-long activity commenced with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist as an offering of thanksgiving. Other activities included a webinar which dealt with stress and coping strategies during and after the pandemic, with Dr. Nicolo Anonuevo as a guest speaker; there was also a photo contest, animal flow exercise and Zumba sessions. A Dance Challenge and Mobile Legend Tournament were also conducted. All these activities have provided an avenue for our nursing and allied health staff to pause and savor the moment of togetherness proving that there is still room for fun and relaxation amid this crisis.

            Another remarkable activity was the ribbon cutting ceremony of A Walk with Florence which was held last October 27, 2020 together with our very supportive President and CEO Mr. Raul C. Pagdanganan; SVP and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zenaida Javier-Uy; VP and HR Division Head, Ms. Maria Louzel Diaz and the Nursing Director, Ms. Leona Paula Macalintal. A Walk with Florence was a unique way of bringing the nursing leaders closer to the staff as they go around to personally greet and make them feel special. Nurses from all areas were also provided with food and refreshments to indulge with during the lunch gastro feast. Other activities which also thrilled and exhilarated our dear nurses were the 5-Day Daily Quiz and Nurses’ Win na Win. As we round out this annual salute to nurses, three CSMC superheroes were given recognition for their invaluable contributions during the covid-19 pandemic.

            Lastly, the most awaited event of the CSMC Nurses’ Week was the very first virtual pageant of Mr. and Ms. Nightingale 2020. Twelve lovely and stunning candidates joined the

pageant. The crowns for Mr. and Ms. Nightingale 2020 were awarded to the department of Nursing Education, Advocacy and Patient Experience (NEAPE) and the cluster of Intensive and Intermediate Care respectively. Mr. and Ms. Nightingale 1st runner-up were the candidates from Ancillary Division and NEAPE respectively. The cluster of OB-Gyne and Pediatric Care both garnered the place of 2nd runner-up.

            Amid this time of vulnerability brought by the pandemic, the CSMC Nursing Division with the unwavering support of the management and the President and CEO Mr. Raul C. Pagdanganan, was able to organize these exciting activities for the celebration of Filipino Nurses’ Week. It was indeed a testament that the hospital and its Management were one with the nurses in these trying times and provided a means to make this event memorable just to honor and appreciate their hard work and timeless contributions in the healthcare industry. CSMC is indeed very committed not only in serving the people entrusted to their care but also in boosting the confidence and morale of their nursing staff.

According to the World Health Organization, 2020 is deemed as the ‘Year of the Nurse”. Thus, the 553 Caring Cardinal Nurses will continue to raise the bar of nursing service and provide compassionate care in the face of adversity.