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CSMC is Certified Platinum

CSMC is Certified Platinum

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Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is the first hospital in the country to receive platinum accreditation from Investors in People (IiP). This also makes Cardinal Santos the fifth institution to receive the highest possible accolade from the international accrediting body. CSMC now ranks fourth among 69 organizations in the Human Health & Medical Activities Category and 83 of 1074 organizations globally that have taken part in the accreditation process.

The certification is valid from 2022 to 2025 and is the culmination of a re-accreditation process that has seen the hospital receive the highest-possible approval that IiP hands out. Platinum accreditation means that there is a high level of trust, empowerment, and collaboration between the organization’s leaders and its people. CSMC provides opportunities for people to build their networks, drive their own learning and development, and feel they are in an environment where they can be their very best and be valued for why they are unique.

CSMC is one of the premier hospitals in the Philippines, specializing in the fields of Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, and Rehabilitation Medicine and employs over 1000 employees including medical staff such as doctors and nurses, and office staff.

Our Journey to Platinum

CSMC started its partnership with IiP almost a decade ago, recognizing the importance of its employees in providing the high level of patient care and service that the hospital has become known for. Over the years, CSMC has undergone several rounds of accreditation, achieving Gold status in 2019, and finally breaking through and securing the highest possible level this 2022.

As part of the rigorous accreditation process to achieve platinum status, Cardinal Santos employees answered a survey that gauged their satisfaction with the services and support that they receive from their organization. This year’s survey results showed a five-point improvement over the organization’s score in 2019.

The next rounds of assessment came as a series of interviews with select members of the organization both online and in person. IiP representatives then visited the hospital to observe, and also interview employees on their thoughts on how Cardinal Santos supports them not just in their working environment but on how they are supported in their own professional journey

What’s Next?

This award is dedicated to all Caring Cardinal leaders that have exemplified the hospital’s values and have given much of themselves to heal and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. As an organization, Cardinal Santos can not be complacent in its service to its people. Part of being accredited for the next three years means creating an action plan to help continue to improve and value their employees and receive regular check-ins from IiP.

Cardinal Santos is committed to providing a safe, productive, and supportive workplace for its people and continue to provide opportunities for them to improve and develop within the organization.