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Cool Down Your Summer With These TikTok-Inspired Frozen Dessert Recipes


Cool Down Your Summer With These TikTok-Inspired Frozen Dessert Recipes


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It’s summer and we know what it means—the time for sweltering heat has finally arrived. Right now, we are already feeling the warm weather in full swing, the hotter days ahead that smell like a vacation for many and a frozen dessert season for everybody.

Certainly, there is nothing more exciting in the summertime than a Pinoy frozen dessert to beat the summer heat. Right, who isn’t looking forward to the delightful sound of a bell coming from a Sorbetes vendor’s cart? Or the refreshing feeling of a fresh fruit juice or the intense taste of the original Pinoy Halo-halo? We’re probably all in with these desserts.

Summer is right at your front door and the season’s abundance of fresh produce is all over the market’s aisles so, you might already be planning the summer desserts you wanted to serve for your family or friends.

Like the rest, topping the lists is something scrumptious and cool to keep you away with the heat — whether it is something made from home or grabbed from the store next to your home, Pinoy summer recipes have a variety of tasty offers to complete your summer and to keep you cool amidst the sun. So, how about original Pinoy frozen dessert recipes with a different flavor and added twists?

That said, no need to crank up your kitchen 180 degrees because here are refreshing and easy-to-make Pinoy frozen dessert recipes to enjoy this summertime.


Chicharon Ice Cream

Remember the Buko, mango, and milo ice candies that completed and never disappointed our childhood summer memories? The good news, this Filipino ice pop is still among the youngster’s favorites. However, as decades of summers have passed, this inexpensive recipe that beats the heat of our previous years has also evolved from one flavor to flavorful ice cream like the “chocolate-chicharon ice cream flavor”.

To make this chocolate-chicharon recipe, all you need is: white sugar, cream, milk, vanilla extract and the main taste for the recipe- crushed chicharon and chocolate drops.

The measurement of ingredients varies for the number of the serving of ice cream you want to serve. So, feel free to make this cool recipe for your summer vacation and create your own combination for your ice cream!



Of course, we all rise for anything to lessen the heat of the sun. Summer wouldn’t be complete with this authentic and extraordinary dessert that is easy to make yet tasty to the core. Even better, to slurp it with friends and family while talking about your summer plans. Anyway, Sinudsod, the original Caviteño recipe is quite similar to other frozen desserts, except this one is tried and tested to be more creamy and has a unique taste apart from the other summer snacks. Up for an old and original version for this dry season?

Preparing to make this in a classic Pinoy way, prepare (for a simpler version) coconut juice, coconut flesh, coconut milk, gelatin pandan, glutinous rice and sugar while for authentic Caviteño version, prepare for rice and ‘dakot na bahaw’ for the crepe and coconut juice, coconut flesh, coconut milk, gulaman, sugar, and pinipig for the sinudsod soup. The coldness varies by the amount of ice put on the sinudsod. Complete your summer season with this recipe. Serve it as many as you want and as cold and creamy as you prefer!


Frozen Guavas With Coconut Cream

I bet everyone will agree that fruits will forever be part of our favorite summer snacks. From the Philippines to international countries, fruits in salad, ice pops, and Halo-halo are the front face of our every summer—the refreshing fruits that we consume until its last bite. Guava, among the tasty Filipino fruits that now has an added version but equally delicious that you can easily create at home—Frozen Guava in Coconut Milk.

What you need for your frozen Guava in Coconut Milk that is commonly found in provinces are: seeded and small to medium sliced ripe guavas, coconut milk, white sugar, coconut cream, salt, and ice. Go try this summer version with guava fruit and beat the heat with this cool and refreshing recipe you wouldn’t want to miss this warm weather.


Radish With Almond Shake

Looking back, this next recipe is a reminder of the fun of our childhood remembering how we love different flavors of shakes and how we used to avoid radish on the other hand but later learned its benefit to the body. Shake stalls around the campus, shakes for your vacations, and shakes for family or friends bonding moments. This summer dessert has surely been partly a reflection of our younger years. During those times, shake was just a simple cold drink to make but nowadays, varieties of this summer drink have emerged into different yet still tasty flavors.

If you want to try Radish with Almond Shake, you only need to prepare milk, peeled radish, almond, and vanilla ice cream(optional). Blend it together with your crushed iced and you’re ready for a nourishing but tasty summer shake to beat the heat of summer. This radish with almond summer shake is surely a must-try so, serve it with as many as you want for your cravings!

When the summer heat gets unbearable, we are all positioned on the lookout for some refreshing and cool ways to keep us away from the sweating brought by the season. Herein, Pinoys during summer have never run out for frozen desserts and always been creative with foods. Thus, ditch the usually frozen desserts for now and get your hands to these transformed yet equally tasteful summer desserts that you will surely want to have more and will certainly want to treat yourself with again next summer.

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