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Compassion and excellence at the heart of Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Compassion and excellence at the heart of Cardinal Santos Medical Center

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Clinical excellence throughout the years. Dr. Zenaida Javier-Uy, Senior Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, shares how the hospital has continuously strived to be at the forefront of the medical industry by providing innovative services and investing in groundbreaking technologies.


Clinical excellence has always been the core of Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s (CSMC) services—from its medical staff composed of some of the most respected doctors today, to the technology that it uses to bring the most groundbreaking services to its patients.

“Clinical excellence encompasses a lot of things, not just excellent doctors in terms of knowledge, but excellence in being an innovator—leading the pack, so to speak. The patients seek out our services because they know how good our doctors are. It also encompasses the services we offer and how our people take care of our patients. We continuously improve on our ways as we remain determined to be top of mind for our patients when and if they need to go to a hospital,” said Dr. Zenaida Javier-Uy, Chief Medical Officer of CSMC.

Dr. Javier-Uy has been with CSMC for forty-two years and has witnessed how the hospital has continuously strived to be at the forefront of the medical industry over the years.

This brand of clinical excellence has been the driving factor behind CSMC’s investments in groundbreaking technologies, which in turn has enabled it to offer some of its most innovative services like Gamma Knife Surgery. Considered to be the gold standard technique in Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Gamma Knife Surgery allows neurosurgeons to make no incisions as they treat sensitive ailments of the brain, making the procedure simple, painless, and straightforward.

“We really take pride in being first in a lot of things,” Dr. Javier-Uy adds.

Passion for people.  (Dr. Zenaida Javier-Uy, Senior Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer, with the Medical Executive Committee of Cardinal Santos Medical Center) The hospital continues to attract the best minds in the industry as it consistently strengthens its development programs for their doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

Complementing these technological innovations, CSMC continues to provide training and development tools to its people to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary advanced skills.  For medical professionals, CSMC has established Philippine Center for Advanced Surgery – Minimally Invasive Training Center (PCAS-MISTC). The PCAS-MISTC is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is one of the few MIS facilities on advanced surgery in Asia.

For the nursing underboards in their team, CSMC has launched Project Apple, a development program that enables them to pursue their dreams to be a fully licensed nurse. Project Apple was designed to establish a robust nursing talent pipeline for the organization while helping transform lives in the process.

For Dr. Javier-Uy, these programs are a testament to the hospital’s passion for their people which, in turn, attracted some of the best medical minds to the hospital.

“To most of us CSMC is home, we are a really family-oriented hospital,” she says.

Just like they treat their people as family, CSMC gives the same level of value to their patients.

“Here at CSMC, you are family. That is our corporate brand, but truly that’s how all of us feel. When you are here in CSMC you are part of a caring and loving family,” Dr. Javier-Uy explained.

This marriage between medical expertise and compassion is what cemented Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s commitment to provide world-class healthcare to its patients.

But what really drives CSMC’s continuous commitment to deliver excellent service and compassionate care is the institution’s rootedness to the Catholic faith—the very faith that, according to Dr. Javier-Uy, provides clarity, resolve, and direction for many of their medical staff.

“It is our faith that has played a big role on how we take care of our patients and why malasakit is an extremely important value of the hospital,” Dr. Javier-Uy concluded.

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