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Celebrate lolo and lola at Araneta City

Celebrate lolo and lola at Araneta City

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Make your grandparents smile with these fun activities and promos this September


Our lolos and lolas are some of the most influential people in our lives. Through their wisdom, love, and guidance, they have played a large part in shaping us to be the people we are today.


That’s why this September, Araneta City is dedicating an entire month to pay tribute to our grandparents!


“There’s no denying that our grandparents are important figures in our lives. We believe that we must give back and show our immense appreciation for everything they do. And that’s what we’re planning to do through the line-up of exciting activities we have prepared,” said Marjorie Go, Assistant Vice President for Marketing of Araneta City.


The City of Firsts is inviting everyone to post their favorite old photo of their grandparents on Facebook – either wedding photos, snapshots of grandparents on their first date, or even a picture of your old folks carrying you while you were still a baby! Just be sure to accompany the photos with a stirring caption that will tug at the heartstrings, and maybe even make readers tear up a bit! Don’t forget to tag Araneta City in the caption as well.


The best photo and caption combo will win a special prize from Araneta City.


Araneta City is also launching a photography contest that celebrates our lolos and lolas. All you need to do is take a photo of your grandparent using the Grand Snaps Instagram filter, upload it to your story, and tag the official Araneta City Instagram account to get a chance to receive a special prize!


For gift ideas, Araneta City is also the place to be as you can buy some timeless gifts at Ali X, where many establishments will be offering special Grandparents Day deals! So, stay tuned for more information about that!


“Araneta City has always been a destination for family celebrations. And this Grandparents Day, we’re looking forward to helping bring a smile on the faces of our lolos and lolas, wherever they are celebrating this special occasion,” Go added.


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