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Celebrate Labor Day with Pluxee: Taking Workforce Appreciation to New Heights

Celebrate Labor Day with Pluxee: Taking Workforce Appreciation to New Heights

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A leading global employee recognition solutions provider — urges employers to honor their workforce through personalized digital solutions.

Labor Day is a time to commemorate the contributions of the workforce across all industries. It’s also timely for employers to reflect on the commitment of their employees who fuel their organization’s success everyday.

The World Bank reported that the estimated unemployment rate in the Philippines is at its lowest level since 1999, indicating signs of recovery in the labor market. This means that over 90% of people in the working age group were employed, with the majority falling into the pay and salary category.

However, employee retention remains a major problem for most employers. The country is still experiencing the effects of “The Great Resignation” brought by the pandemic, with 29% of employees looking for greener pastures.

Studies show that employee appreciation is crucial for retention. This goes beyond verbal recognition and transcends into rewards and incentives for their meaningful efforts.

Previously Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, Pluxee has strengthened its identity with a renewed commitment to advancing worker recognition that aligns with Labor Day celebrations. It now highlights customized digital solutions, with its flagship offering — Pluxee Gift — at the forefront of creating joyful and sustainable employee appreciation experiences.

Elevating employee appreciation with Pluxee Gift

Pluxee Gift makes employee milestones and rewards more meaningful. It features a wide variety of redemption options for different services and special treats such as meals, spa days, shopping sprees, and many more. This diverse range caters to a broad spectrum of preferences, creating joyful experiences for every employee.

Pluxee Gifts come in different forms that can cater to any employee experience journey:

Pluxee Gift credits: Pluxee Gift credits are sent to the Pluxee Philippines app of recipients via web portal. These credits are partially redeemable, meaning recipients don’t have to use the credits all at once in a single transaction. Credits may be used at over 10,000 partner merchants and online stores such as Grab, Lazada, Shopee, Angkas, and Klook. Pluxee Gift credits are best for recurring benefits such as allowances, performance-based incentives, and more.

Pluxee Gift codes: Employers can simplify the gifting experience with texts and emails, eliminating storage requirements and manual tracking of rewards. Pluxee Gift codes are also convertible to Pluxee Gift credits to allow partial redemption. Furthermore, Pluxee Gift codes can be customized with the company’s logo and message, and can be made valid for specific merchants and products only.

Pluxee Gift card:  A hybrid reward, the Pluxee Gift card is a physical card that carries digital Pluxee Gift codes. Recipients can use them instantly, with no activation needed. Pluxee Gift cards are convertible to Pluxee Gift credits for recipients who prefer to store their rewards in an app and enjoy features such as partial redemption and online shopping. Customization is also possible with the company’s logo or for specific products.

This Labor Day, Pluxee encourages organizations to celebrate and reward their employees’ achievements through innovative recognition solutions. With its Live Joyful campaign, Pluxee enables memorable experiences, amplifying the celebration of employees’ contributions and emphasizing the joy found in meaningful recognition.

Want to know more about how Pluxee can elevate your employee experience in a manner unique to your organization? Sign up at or call our Pluxee Customer Care hotline at (02) 8689-4700. If your organization is an SME that prefers to shop digital gift certificates online, visit – registration is easy and preferential rates for business accounts are available.