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Beauty Of Blogging: Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Blog This 2022


Beauty Of Blogging: Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Blog This 2022


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Living in the digital era of social media and content creators on peak, you probably have seen several people creating their blogs and using their platforms to inspire, inform, and influence people in a modern method.

While we are no longer limited to diary content, almost everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon and owning blog accounts that feature mostly their personal experiences, entrepreneurship, beauty, and health, as well as stances on societal issues, among other things.

Blogging has already reached its peak. The digital form of a diary or journal has been constantly connecting people with different thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. Bridging the gaps and borders online, this online journal has been serving its purpose. And while others chose to keep their blogs personal, many prefer to share their thoughts with the world through blogging.

Stumbling upon these, many people ask themselves for some time like “is blogging a good idea? Was it worth the time and effort? Does it have standards to meet? Should I start a blog?”
People have several reasons why they chose to create their own blogs. Thus, if you are still skeptical about starting your overdue plan of creating your personal blog, here are some reasons why you should consider starting writing your blog this 2022.


Blogging is a healthy emotional outlet

Looking back to how you teared up and got frustrated over the challenges you faced and how you bottled up your mourning of losing someone or something dear to you, one coping method which helped you was writing what causes you to feel emotional.

Similarly, to how you wrote the best experience and lesson you’ve learned from someone or something you’ve gone through. Writing everything from a traditional diary goes exactly accessible to writing them in your blog especially if it’s for personal purposes.

Blogging serves as your emotional outlet, your companion, and it can absorb any of your unsaid thoughts and feelings. Studies have shown that writing helps people emotionally after a sad traumatic experience thus, blogging can be used to help lessen emotional hardships in life.


Blogging helps you to be a catalyst of change

This may seem dramatic or overrated to others, but a single blog can certainly create a difference in the lives of other people. Whether your blog focuses on your personal experiences, your health and beauty advice, or anything that is socio-political, there is always a chance that someone who reads your blog/s is experiencing a similar situation or dilemma.

Think about how the blogs of other people you read online influence your thoughts and feelings — the same goes for anyone who will read your content. Whatever your goal upon writing, what’s certain is your blog connects to different people with different stories and different perspectives — helping them to try some changes or to decide about something helpful to improve themselves.


Blogging is learning more about yourself

Cliché, as it may sound but writing your own blog, is like giving yourself the chance to explore more of yourself. Every day, we undergo the process of improving and at the same time discovering something new about ourselves. Choosing what to write on every blog is choosing to learn even the littlest of our identities — wanting this or that — being considerate to someone, realizing tastes on something are changing; and any other things that we can learn once we start blogging.

While we do our blogs, we read and write and do the same process a few times helping us to further notice that what we thought we were from the previous days or years has somehow changed over time — noticing the occurring changes and having the somewhat feeling of looking into something different from ourselves.


Blogging exercises humor and creativity

Blogs curated with a sense of humor and creativity are more likely to reach and impress a wide variety of audiences — a fact of blogging. Blogging is a commitment that requires a certain level of a person’s humor and creativity which creates a pleasurable writing experience for a blogger and a fun reading experience for its reader.

Sure, you can write on your blog whatever you want but if you do have the goal to reach the public with your content, you will need to put up humor and creativity to your blog.

Remember, the best part of blogging aside from expressing yourself is knowing that readers were inspired to read and share your blog because of the humor and creativity featured in it. This is how most readers convert from silent readers to fully supportive ones because of the fun and rich reading experience.


Blogging opens doors of possibilities

They say there is no such thing as “impossible” in an age when almost anything can be posted online. In the vastness of the digital world, what was posted yesterday may be an opportunity of tomorrow. A single blog may bring something new because published blogs can be read by anyone from anywhere in the world. In some cases, people forget that blogging is more than just a place to express one’s thoughts or write about anything under the sun.

Blogging can also be used for business branding, job hunting, and money-making. Blogging has so much to offer, and it certainly is not limited to what other people initially know because, in blogging, you can actually earn, develop transferable skills for future professional endeavors, and it actually helps you get employed by companies who are looking for writing, communication, and critical thinking skills — all enhanced through blogging.


Blogging gives sense of freedom

Today, with all the stress and anxiety brought by the differing responsibilities in and outside our home, we felt like we have been boxed into something that limits us to spend time with ourselves. Our plans and goals tied us to achieve them with our created timeliness that we sometimes forget to breathe — somehow losing the sense of liberty we need to endure. It is what blogging makes one of the most liberating things to do for a person who wants to feel free from the things that cause stress and confines. The opportunity to decide, work and do things you love without minding the pressure of deadlines and expectations from anyone — something that is entirely you who is being you.

In blogging, you are free to talk about your struggles, share your exciting experiences during your travels, the lessons your parents have taught you, the sporting activities you just started, the role you took part in during a community activity, your obsession with a certain brand, your starting business, or your political stance. Everything is on you as blogging gives you the freedom to share anything you want to.

Like anything else in this world, blogging is a process and a commitment one should learn to embrace. Like any other bloggers, they also started from “should I really start my own blog” to actually doing it for a long time now. But what matters to people who want to consider writing a blog and creating a platform for themselves is that blogging isn’t a temporary sensation as it requires a long period and effort as long as one desires to continue.

Wanting to share a passion? Educate other people? Gain exposure? In blogging, you have a concrete platform where you can go beyond the ordinary and have the opportunity to create an impact on other people’s lives. Starting your own blog is also looking at what it really takes to see yourself in a new field, bringing your values and the things you wanted to write about because blogging can be anyone’s start — it can be for anyone.

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