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Bay City Cafe at Citadines Bay City Manila: A love letter to Filipino cuisine and cities

Bay City Cafe at Citadines Bay City Manila: A love letter to Filipino cuisine and cities

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The Bay Area is a must-visit for many reasons. Surrounded by some of the country’s best entertainment and culinary delights, it is nestled in one of the busiest business centers. As the location continues to develop and evolve, Citadines Bay City Manila, Ascott Limited’s prime residence property within the city, proudly contributes to the local restaurant scene with the Bay City Cafe. This outlet, with its minimalist, modern, sleek design, not only completes the stylish yet elegant lobby of the residence but also exudes a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance for everyone who visits.

The cafe takes center stage as the property’s centerpiece. It complements the extensive amenities of the residence, alongside the masterfully curated apartment units. Guests will be spoiled for choice regarding what to do after checking in.

Embarking on an ambitious culinary journey, the Bay City Cafe represents several major cities nationwide by innovating signature dishes that thoughtfully pay homage to their traditional counterparts. With a diverse menu catering to discerning foodies and curious visitors alike, prepare yourself for a gastronomic experience that will take you on a culinary tour around the country.

Explore the Philippines one flavorful plate at a time. The Cafe caters to a wide range of palates, from Luzon to Visayas, and all the way to Mindanao. In Luzon, indulge in the Cala-maron Rebosado—a Romana-style battered squid and shrimp dish with salsa fresca from Binondo. Then savor the Osso Buco Kare-kare, a famous beef dish in peanut sauce and shrimp paste, paired with an assortment of local vegetables from Pampanga.

Moving to the Visayas region, try the Fresh Lumpia—a refreshing rice crepe-wrapped appetizer served with a special pistachio caramel garlic sauce influenced by Negros Occidental’s cuisine. Take a bite of Truffle Lengua Estofado, a savory ox-tongue braised in mushroom gravy infused with truffles, inspired by Iloilo.

Next, embark on a seafood adventure in Mindanao with the Kinilaw of Cagayan De Oro. Sample the Tangigue fish ceviche in sukang tuba, with calamansi, served on watermelon ice, before diving into the delectable Davao-inspired Tuna Belly marinated in red onion, ginger, garlic, and calamansi. After this cross-country culinary exploration, unwind with a cup of Citadines’ signature coffee to cap off the experience.

These are just a few items from the extensive selection of Filipino classics with a unique twist at the cafe.

Chef Charles Marindoque, the executive chef of Bay City Cafe, explains, “We carefully curate local ingredients to remain true to the original recipes of these dishes while adding our personal twist to bring a new identity to them. With this new menu, we aim to highlight the colorful and multi-faceted cuisine of the country. Each item is a love letter to the area where it originates, allowing you to discover more about the city’s identity with every bite.”

For reservations, advanced bookings, and property updates, guests can visit Citadines’ official website and follow us on our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, they can reach us by phone at (632) 8866 8100 or (63) 977 478 8563, or via email at Experience the new menu at Bay City Cafe today!