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Ateneo opens isolation facility

Ateneo opens isolation facility

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Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), and the Quezon City local government jointly opened an isolation facility for COVID-19 patients inside the Ateneo’s campus in Quezon City.

The prefabricated complex of the Ateneo Junior High School has been designated as the location of the isolation center. Only patients who are asymptomatic or those exhibiting mild symptoms that can’t safely isolate in their home, and has been referred by the Quezon City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (QCESU) will be lodged in the said isolation facility to minimize transmission of the disease among family members.

“Working together with the PRC and the Quezon City local government, the Ateneo de Manila community is taking this step to help in any way it can, whoever it can during this critical point in our fight to defeat this pandemic,” Ateneo President Fr. Bobby Yap, SJ, said in a memo issued to the community.

The University constructed a security enclosure around the complex to ensure the health and safety of everyone and separate the isolation facility from the entire campus. All equipment and furniture that were in the prefabricated complex were removed before the space was turned over to the PRC. The Red Cross furnished the space with the necessary equipment and facilities to make it suitable for patients of COVID-19.


The PRC is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the facility. Aside from these, the PRC is strictly implementing health and safety protocols to mitigate the possibility of transmission and infection.

Staff and supplies of the isolation facility are only permitted to use the campus’ Gate 2 as an entry and exit. A PRC shuttle also transports patients to and from the isolation facility. To ensure quick response, a PRC ambulance is on stand-by to bring patients that exhibit more serious symptoms to a partner hospital of the PRC.

Meanwhile, the local government of Quezon City has been providing meals for patients that will be housed within the isolation center.

As for Ateneo, the University provides electricity, water, and internet connectivity aside from providing the complex to be used to house COVID-19 patients.

“We call on the community to pray for the success of this endeavor, as this operation will be an important element in ensuring our city can isolate and lead patients towards recovery,” Yap concluded.

The facility strictly implements a “no walk-in” policy and only those referred by the QCESU will be allowed inside. To inquire about the availability of the said isolation facility, please coordinate with the QCESU.


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